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Line progression help please

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melissafrancis Sun 11-Mar-18 06:52:22


So it's my first ever pregnancy so I'm just wanting some line analysis if you don't mind! I tested around 14DPO at 7pm, but hadn't drank or pee'd for 5+ hours, and 16DPO which was this morning with FMU. So not exactly 48 hours, but just wanted opinions as I feel the second line is chunkier so thought that's alright? Recent test is the bottom one. Sorry for shadows I have no daylight yet. Thanks x

Namechangemum100 Sun 11-Mar-18 06:57:44

Look like good positive tests to me smile congratulations

melissafrancis Sun 11-Mar-18 07:06:12

Thank you 😊 @namechangemum100

SaturdaySauv Sun 11-Mar-18 08:05:08

Yes, hcg in urine can really vary I think. I tested positive 9dpo, negative 10dpo then got progressively stronger lines between then and now (19 dpo).
The clearblue conception indicator tests have been accurate for me progressing from 1-2 weeks to 2-3 weeks so you could try one- you should be 2-3 weeks at 16dpo.

Owlpatrol Sun 11-Mar-18 09:09:54

Yep looks good to me. Congratulations! Xx

melissafrancis Sun 11-Mar-18 12:12:24

@SaturdaySauv and @Owlpatrol - thank you very much, yes I just wasn't sure based off of the fact the line was chunkier but looks like the dye spread just differently but does look more significant. Shall test again perhaps tomorrow or Tuesday.

Owlpatrol Sun 11-Mar-18 13:08:42

Yeah deffo 're test you could use a pink dye test to be sure xx

CLB540 Mon 12-Mar-18 12:42:00

Looks positive to me! You can have a false negative but never a false positive and if there is a line there which there definatly is you are pregnant! Congratulations!

melissafrancis Tue 13-Mar-18 19:23:03

@Owlpatrol and @CLB540 Thank you so much. I tested this morning and I am so happy it is much darker, different kind of test but all the vertical lines show it!! Wish you all the best xx

Owlpatrol Tue 13-Mar-18 19:31:51

That's great news congratulations xx

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