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Elevated testosterone levels? (PCO/PCOS)

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AlyTab Mon 12-Feb-18 19:50:16

So I've been having irregular periods for about 9 months now, and after coming back from the doctors I apparently have elevated hormone levels. Me and my fiance are TTC kind of, it's difficult when I'm not ovulating regularly. She said they were slightly elevated, so not too much, but she does think that there may be cysts on my ovaries.

I have been scheduled for more blood tests to measure my FSH/LH, Prolactin, Testosterone, SHBG and Free Androgen Index. I'm also being sent for an ultrasound, I guess to check my ovaries?

My question being has anyone else been through a situation like this and had issues with irregular ovulation? What was the outcome for you? Anyone with PCO or PCOS, How were your testosterone levels? I would really appreciate it as I'm pretty confused atm about what's happening confused

MrsBartlettforthewin Mon 12-Feb-18 22:01:09

Hi, I have PCOS. Had all the tests and was told I have a lot of cysts and was unlikely to conceive naturally, high testosterone levels etc.

However, I have had three kids naturally. Took along time to get pregnant with DC1 and 2 ( almost 3 years and almost 4) then feel oh with DC3 before my periods returned after breastfeeding DC2.

Before I fell with DC1 I was heartbroken and it was really tough having nothing to really go on about when I'd ovulate etc whilst at the same time knowing why it wasn't happening kind of helped.

They will probably offer you some kind of intervention I was due to see the specialist but found I was PG the week before my appointment. Same happened with DC2.

Not sure if any of this helps but didn't want to read and run.

AlyTab Mon 12-Feb-18 22:29:27

Thanks a lot for your answer. I worded this question kind of odd so I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't get a ton of response on it. Thank you regardless smile. Having biological kids really isn't an issue for me, if I can't conceive naturally then it's all good. We can adopt, which we both like the idea of, or we can do IVF with a donor egg if for some reason my eggs are "bad". Different strokes and all smile

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