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BFP 8DPO should I be worried??

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user1496231209 Wed 29-Nov-17 06:13:22

Yesterday I had a stark white negative but this morning I got a pretty standard positive and obviously I am over the moon shaking and crying but also worried that a BFP this early could be a bad thing??

Mrstobe90 Wed 29-Nov-17 07:51:58

Stranger things have happened lol

Congratulations on your bfp!
Is it possible that you ovulated earlier than you thought?

Maybe you just have high hcg levels with this pregnancy smile

LisaSimpsonsbff Wed 29-Nov-17 10:10:20

It is absolutely not a bad thing to get an early bfp. It isn't, of course, a guarantee that it'll stick around - but that's true whenever you get a positive. I think sometimes people talking about how 'women only find out about these chemical pregnancies because of early testing' confuses people - it's not saying that you're more likely to have an early loss if you get an early positive, just that if you don't test before, say, a week after your period is due then (in theory - I actually think a lot of women know even if they don't take a test) you won't know about a pregnancy that ends before then. The odds of that positive turning into a baby are about two in three for you, OP - just as they are for everyone else, too.

thecolonelbumminganugget Wed 29-Nov-17 12:53:08

How are you determining ovulation date? I used clear blue opk and tracked with glow, glow suggested I ovulted on a Thursday, opk put me at around Sunday or Monday, I've had two scans now that date conception to the Friday or Saturday. It's not an exact science, you might be further than 8dpo. Also- congratulations!

user1496231209 Thu 30-Nov-17 06:54:02

I used temping babe so I'm assuming it's pretty spot on? This mornings test x

Lime19 Thu 30-Nov-17 07:29:55

I had an early positive... on cycle day 22. In my case it is because there's two in there grin

MagggieMay Thu 30-Nov-17 07:45:03

Is that an early response? I had my BFP on an early response at 9dpo, I didn't test before then so it may have come up on 8dpo if I'd checked. I temped and used OPKs. I'm now 13 weeks and it's one baby. Congratulations!

user1496231209 Thu 30-Nov-17 22:12:11

Thanks girls; done a CB digital today just as a nerve calmer and got a 1-2 weeks at 9DPO 😍

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