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Really need some advice. Af 3 days late. Discharge and line eyes

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Tanyelx Sat 04-Nov-17 20:15:33

Okay so af is 3 days late. Been having symptoms like tender breasts and tummy. Increased discharge, increase saliva. Back pain. Breasts leaking (they havnt since I stopped bf my little girl). Heartburn and been very moody.
Have first response test coming in the post tomorrow so will do that in the morning or morning after.
Just want to know if anyone has been through anything similar. Especially discharge wise and got a bfp

Ilovechocolatetoomuch Sat 04-Nov-17 20:17:41

Looks like a super faint bfp to me.

Tanyelx Sat 04-Nov-17 20:20:27

@ilovechocolatetoomuch I feel like I could see that too but when posting somewhere else no one else could see

Needadvicetoleave Sat 04-Nov-17 21:26:07

Can't see anything and that cm looks normal

Ilovechocolatetoomuch Sat 04-Nov-17 23:02:15

Take another test in the a.m, only way you will know.

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