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Question re OPK tests

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jinglebells123 Sun 29-Oct-17 00:36:24

I've been trying on and off to get pregnant for a year now - came off the pill 12 months ago and fell pregnant right away and miscarried (my 3rd mc).

Had a wee break for a few months and was trying again April to June but nothing. Another break and came off the pill again and tried last month but not surprisingly didn't conceive.

I know from previous pregnancies that I've ovulated quickly after coming off the pill and I know the on again/off again pill taking has messed things up a bit so I wondered about the benefit of OPK tests but I see so many people unclear on the readings or getting positives at odd times I wondered how much of a benefit they would be - my thinking was if I could at least prove I was now ovulating that would confirm if I should start trying again.

I'm 36 now and while I know that's no age but I do worry I've hit that fertility cliff and it would be good to know just how much my chances of falling pregnant are decreasing.

Any thoughts? Also, best place to buy? I saw some cheapies from ebay - mostly being shipped from china and while I don't want to spend a fortune, I want them to be reliable.

Many thank!

RedastheRose Sun 29-Oct-17 01:03:46

Stop mucking about with your hormones by going on and off the pill. Come off and let your body get to its natural rhythm before trying seriously.

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