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Eek I think n I've got something wrong ...

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Hulaballoo Sat 21-Oct-17 20:55:07

My positive opk was on the 11th... From what I've been reading, it's unlikely I then ovulated on the same day. I've been calculating dpo from that day. What dates would I have likely ovulated? 😕 over been trying to temp... But missed lots of days so don't b think my temps will help...My temp on the 10th has been my lowest at 35.50 and on the 11th was 36.16... So I just thought I ov the 11th... Any suggestions of when I may have ovulated (assuming I did etc... Did get a static smiley on 11th) ...tyia still learning 🙁

MouseLove Sat 21-Oct-17 21:32:02

Unfortunately OPK do not confirm ovulation. Only a surge. To confirm you ideally need a consistent bbt thought out your cycle.

However.... you could have ovulated on the 11th,12th or 13th, most likely the 12th

But really it doesn’t matter how many DPO you are. Test if AF is late. Absolutely no point in testing before, all it does it cause unnecessary heartache... if it’s a negative it makes you upset. If it’s a positive you will worry about a line getting darker or having a chemical. Wait. Save your sanity.


Hulaballoo Sat 21-Oct-17 22:07:06

Thanks @MouseLove good advice 😁👍 I will try to wait it out

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