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Help! Evap lines

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AnythingNotEverything Tue 17-Oct-17 10:09:10

Morning all,

My new hobby is POAS. This is cycle one for DC4 and we've always conceived first time, so I'm not very experienced at this bit!

I'm 12DPO. AF due thurs/fri.

I've been doing Morrisons cheap tests for 6 days (I know I know). I did one this morning at 7am, and just did an IC because some came in the post. Got this morning's Morrisons test out of the bin and there's a line.

It's a pink dye test. I've read these are less likely to give an evap line? None of my other tests have left an evap line.

So, oh wise experienced testers, any way of telling if it's an evap line or a bfp?

(I know the sensible answer is to wait a few days and test again!)


Peanutty86 Tue 17-Oct-17 10:13:59

It’s the sensibel and logical answer I’m afraid. Have you got a picture of the line? Is it pink? You could obviously test again later today but you’re still early and your urine wouldn’t be as concentrated as FMU. Unless you manage to hold for many hours. Hope you get your BFP!

AnythingNotEverything Tue 17-Oct-17 10:19:09

I think it's pink!

duckduckmouse Tue 17-Oct-17 10:31:09

Looks pregnant to me grin how lucky!

sazzle3 Tue 17-Oct-17 11:44:42

Evaps line are grey and that like looks link to me ☺☺. Id say your pregnant can u get out go by a frer xx

sazzle3 Tue 17-Oct-17 11:45:13

Pink not link (Stupid phone ) xx

AnythingNotEverything Tue 17-Oct-17 11:49:45

Thanks all.

I've done the wash off test and it's still there.


Peanutty86 Tue 17-Oct-17 12:19:12

Congratulations!! 🎉

Mrstobe90 Tue 17-Oct-17 22:49:23

Looks positive smile xx

Cookie1831 Wed 18-Oct-17 17:34:15

Looks positive x

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