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Feeling in limbo

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SpadesOfGlory Sun 08-Oct-17 11:28:57

Just joined after lurking for quite a while!

I've been casually TTC since coming off the pill (cerazette) at the start of June. Aware it's really early days yet, I know it can take months and I'm prepared for that. Didn't have a withdrawal bleed but had a normal AF on the 10th August and then 4 days of brown spotting on 6th September. Was on holiday mid Sept so DTD more often than normal and last DTD on the 20th Sept (had EWCM and a flashing smiley opk So pretty sure I was close to ovulation)

Since then I have had normal cramps like usual in the run up to AF...they disappeared for a couple of days when period was actually due (according to Ovia and Flo), but have now come back and changed to a strange pulling feeling in my very low abdomen and very sore nipples. Probably TMI but I have started getting a lot more slimy clear or creamy discharge too. I took several HPT during the week when my period was due and all negative, not a hint of a line! Do you think my cycles are just messed up after the pill? I've never been pregnant before so no idea what I should be expecting to feel. Was I testing too early?

physicskate Sun 08-Oct-17 14:21:45

It can take up to a year for your cycles to return to 'normal'/ predictable/ what they would have been like without the pill... It takes some women a while for their bodies to make the hormones in a cycle that you were getting from the pill...

You might start using opks to pinpoint ovulation. Generally early pregnancy symptoms are the same as pms symptoms, which means that if you're getting them, you might have already ovulated in the cycle.

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