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Ovulation Test Confusion.

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Jadeyfuss96 Sun 24-Sep-17 15:12:08

I've been having a little bit of trouble understanding the ovulation test. I know for it to be a full positive the second line has to be the same/darker than the control line. But for the past week I've been taking two ovulation tests a day and both have been getting darker everyday but not a full positive. I was supposed to be ovulating today but today the line doesn't seem to be there? Does that mean that is has already happened or shall I carry on testing twice daily until I get a positive?

juneybean Sun 24-Sep-17 15:28:39

What times of the day have you been testing?

Jadeyfuss96 Sun 24-Sep-17 15:32:55

Usually 2pm and 6/7pm

juneybean Sun 24-Sep-17 15:57:11

You may have surged in the night and missed it. Did you DTD today? Any other signs of ovulation?

Jadeyfuss96 Sun 24-Sep-17 16:00:25

we haven't today but we did quite late last night. Other than stomach cramps on one side and back ache for the past couple of days I've had nothingsad

juneybean Sun 24-Sep-17 16:03:46

Hmm could keep testing. Perhaps your urine was diluted causing a paler line

Jadeyfuss96 Sun 24-Sep-17 16:08:27

Even though I took one at 2pm I've just taken another one because I've become slightly obsessed and the line has just appeared again still not darker but definitely there. (Everytime I tried to get it a picture it was blurry, Gross I know haha) maybe I haven't missed it.

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