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12dpo hand hold

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MrsPCR Tue 27-Jun-17 14:49:35

TTC#2, cycle 4 (?) 12 dpo, AF due Friday/Saturday

Arrrrgh! I swore I would be better this time round and less obsessed but here I am again, two years on, religiously taking temperature and going round I'm circles in my head. Why do we make ourselves stir crazy every month. I am so crap at TTC. Every month I cannot occupy mind with anything other than am I pregnant from about 10dpo.

I also hate temping......two cycles ago it dropped beautifully a few days before AF and now it just winds my obsessive brain up!

Ahhhh someone hold my hand please! I have to POAS Saturday as going to a wedding. Last time I was literally pissing from about 10 days each month. This time I don't want to test until I'm late!

Flashinthepan Tue 27-Jun-17 14:53:37

Does your chart look similar to previous months?

Good luck!

MrsPCR Tue 27-Jun-17 15:11:33

Doesn't normally keep going up. This is the first month this time of temping properly! Last time it went up properly I was pregnant, which is driving me even more crazy this month. Roll on the weekend!

AmyB1986 Tue 27-Jun-17 17:56:36

Wow that's an amazing chart! Looking rather triphasic to me! Good luck for the weekend

DT2016 Tue 27-Jun-17 22:20:11

Looking great! Good luck and keep us posted x

MrsPCR Thu 29-Jun-17 19:46:32

Currently 14dpo CD28. Cycles have been 27-28 previously, 14 day luteal phase but last month was 29 and 15.

Testing Saturday as have a wedding so need to see if I can drink. No doubt AF with rear her ugly head on the evening!

Thought I was put yesterday as had a drop but back up again today. Arrrrgh!!

MrsPCR Thu 29-Jun-17 19:47:02

Thought I out yesterday

DT2016 Thu 29-Jun-17 21:50:30

I am impressed with your will power not to test. I would've caved by now! Got everything x'd for you x

MrsPCR Fri 30-Jun-17 09:02:55

Temperature went up again to 37.25 at 15 dpo, due today or tomorrow. I caved grin

Now, how shall I tell hubby? (Who is at work until 6)

Mamabooksbabynumber2 Fri 30-Jun-17 09:49:38

Wahey!!! Congratulations!!!

AmyB1986 Fri 30-Jun-17 09:54:15


GWeatherwax Fri 30-Jun-17 10:20:20


DT2016 Fri 30-Jun-17 12:05:47

Yay!! Congratulations flowers xx

MrsPCR Fri 30-Jun-17 14:18:47

Thanks smile it's not really sunk in yet. I was throwing up from 4 weeks last time after wretching for three days so it felt a little more real!

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