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Sazwest Sat 17-Jun-17 09:38:11

So I'm 11dpo today and just been for a wee and when i wiped there was blood on the tissue it was very light in colour but it was there when I wiped. Af not due till next Thursday. Could this be implantation?? Or a very early period ?? I'm only ever early by a day I'm more late sometimes never early. Since 8dpo I've had tingly nipples and really sore boobs. Xx

Oysterbabe Sat 17-Jun-17 09:40:29

Are you sure you aren't due until Thursday? I'm no expert but 16 days seems long for the luteal phase?
Fingers crossed it's implantation!

Sazwest Sat 17-Jun-17 09:50:05

I have a 31-32 day cycle I have 2 apps one is saying I'm due af Wednesday but Ovia is saying Thursday and Ovia is the one I use the most xxx

physicskate Sat 17-Jun-17 15:16:56

Do you normally spot before AF starts?

It could be either, but IB is quite rare in actuality (I've heard 30% quoted as a statistic) in early pregnancy before AF due.

Sazwest Sat 17-Jun-17 15:42:50

@physicskate Yes i spot the day before af arrives full force but not 6 days before xx

Sazwest Sat 17-Jun-17 15:44:05

And I'm never a week early either only a day and that's maybe 2-3 times a year x

Sazwest Sat 17-Jun-17 17:34:58

I ovulated early aswell by 3 days. Xx

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