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OPK late in cycle

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Slinkery Wed 07-Jun-17 17:36:34

Hello everyone,

I'm very confused so just seeking advice

I am 28yrs, TTC #1, 4th month of trying.

I have quite long cycles which last 32/33 days. For the first time this month I used an OPK cause I was getting major egg whites CM (sorry tmi) and the OPK was a strong positive. This happened on cycle day 20. We DTD straight away, didn't do it the next day, but then did it the day after that. However since then I've read that ovulating on CD20 or CD21 is very late and unusual?

Is this the case? I had really high hopes until now cause I felt like I listened to my body and also has the positive OPK, but can an OPK stay strong positive after ovulation? So maybe I ovulated at a more normal time like CD16 and it just stayed positive for ages after?

Any advice on this would be great because I'm driving myself crazy on Google. X

leighdinglady Wed 07-Jun-17 17:38:41

It's usually around 14 days before your period, so that sounds pretty perfect for you

leighdinglady Wed 07-Jun-17 17:40:57

Also, the best time to dtd is the days before ovulation as well as at the time. It gives the sperm time to travel up the tubes before the egg is released:

Slinkery Wed 07-Jun-17 17:44:29

Leighdinglady - thanks for the quick reply, that's a relief. I read that if I got a positive OPK then ovulation may happen the next day, so I'm hoping I caught it. 😥

leighdinglady Wed 07-Jun-17 18:02:27

The advice I read when ttc was start the day you get a flashing smiley. Which is usually the day before you ovulate. Three days in a row then alternate days 2 more times (until you hate sex and want to watch Corrie in peace!)

Littleonek Wed 07-Jun-17 18:07:00

I have the same, my flashing smiley face started on day 20 and 8 days later im still get the smiley face. Is that normal to keep getting it 8 days later? Hopefully it will be a static one tomorrow. They say to stop testing after 9 days.

Slinkery Wed 07-Jun-17 18:38:39

I don't use the smiley flashing ones I just have the cheapo sticks, but I did get a faint positive about 3 days after my strong positive one, so i presumed there were still some hormones floating around in me haha. Are the ones with flashing faces expensive? Where can I get those ones?

Littleonek Wed 07-Jun-17 23:38:29

I got 20 for £23 on amazon. Amazon is cheaper than boots or superdrug.

Some people are selling leftover stick on ebay too.

Thats good you got a postivie smile

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