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Conception date confusion

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user1496772655 Tue 06-Jun-17 19:20:57

Hi, very new to this thread/feed. Please go easy on me as I know there could be a lot of nasty comments coming my way.

My cycle is usually around 30-34 days, normally sways more towards the 34 (and has been for the past few months).

My April period was Thurs 13th Apr - Sun 16th Apr.

I had sex a few days before due period in May. (Sun 14th May to be precise) but had a period as normal on Tues 16th May - Fri 19th May.

Then I had sex again on Sun 21st May with a different person.

Yesterday I took a pregnancy test and it is a faint second line, I have sore breasts (but they usually are sore now and again due to them being so big etc, and I have felt nausea in the mornings for the past 2 days).

Could I be pregnant from the first male (3 weeks 2 days ago), even though I had a period straight after - that was due.

Or could I be pregnant by the second male (2 weeks 2 days)?

I plan to obviously confirm the pregnancy before my head gets carried away, but I just thought I would post to see if any of you knowledgable lot could shed some light.

Would a scan tell the two conception dates apart? Or clear blue test? Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

physicskate Tue 06-Jun-17 19:35:42

Second male I woulda thought! Period makes that likely! It is unlikely that it would be implantation bleeding just a couple days after having sex...

It's difficult to say as that makes ovulation really early if it was from dtd just after af. I would have said either is unlikely - but these things happen!

Happymummy120 Tue 06-Jun-17 19:41:54

Going through the same thing at the moment don't let it stress you out

CherriesInTheSnow Tue 06-Jun-17 19:42:31

Unfortunately (or not? as not sure would be better smile ) it is very very very incredibly unlikely that there is any chance that man 1 could be the father.

For one, you have had a regular period since the sex.

Secondly, it would be a practically impossible point of your cycle to conceive in; your luteal phase is the phase between ovulation and menstruation in which a fertilised egg can implant, and it usually implant's between 6 and 10 days after fertilisation. With only 2 days to do this before your period it is very unlikely that even if there was a fertilised egg, it would be abe to implant and stay implanted after a period.

And lastly, the chance of you conceiving that long ago and only getting a very faint line is also an indicator that you conceived this cycle. Not to mention that if your period is due now and you had sex around 2 weeks ago, in a reasonably regular cycle this would be around peak ovulation time.

So that's my theory behind who the likely father is! How are you feeling? Also are really you able to retest - there's no point in worrying about anything until your pregnancy is confirmed. Do you have IRL support if you are pregnant, and would the father be supportive? flowers

user1496772655 Tue 06-Jun-17 19:43:00

It just adds unnecessary stress I guess, one potential male would be supportive and one wouldn't... but you're right, I hope you're doing okay x

user1496772655 Tue 06-Jun-17 19:48:39

To physicskate that's what I thought. There was also sex again on 26th May with second male again but that wouldn't show a faint line now either surely?! Really bizarre. Thanks for your reply though, much appreciated.

CherriesInTheSnow Tue 06-Jun-17 19:48:45

Oh dear sad Is man 1 the one that is more likely to be supportive?

user1496772655 Tue 06-Jun-17 19:51:36

To CherriesInTheSnow, thank you for your reply.

I know the situation is an odd one, hence my current worry! My period isn't due until 18th June either so it just makes it difficult. I'm guessing Clearblue wouldn't shed any light?

I wouldn't have support from the second male no, and I would more than likely be kicked out of the family home. X

CherriesInTheSnow Tue 06-Jun-17 19:58:27

Oh that is interesting that you period isn't due for another couple of weeks, that does change things a bit. To be honest and I'm not an expert at all, but it actually sounds like neither of those encounter are very likely to end up with a pregnancy! confused

Which test did you use? smile some are more prone to showing evaporation lines than others. Also do you remember how long it took for the line to come up, and how faint is it?

Sorry for all the questions! But I was TTC earlier this year and have seen many many threads musing over a faint line on a test, so hopefully can help smile

user1496772655 Tue 06-Jun-17 20:07:39

That's what I thought, both seem hugely unlikely. If anything I would've been more fertile over the past weekend I think? Or more recently than the 2 x I had unprotected sex.

I used Waitrose own brand (2 of them, a day apart) and both show a faint line. It did take a while for it to come up both times. It is faint but it is obvious it's there. X

Studyinghell Tue 06-Jun-17 20:56:45

It could be bloke a, I was pregnant once and when I went for the scan The dates were all out :/ I had had a period whilst pregnant, so was a month further along than I thought. There was a technical name for said period but I can't remember what the drs called it

Happymummy120 Tue 06-Jun-17 21:13:04

Hey ladies can you help me too: Hi there I need some help
I had my last period on the 29th of April I'm 5w3d pregnant
I had unprotected sex with a guy1 on the 12/13 of may we was a bit drunk and I'm not to sure if he came in me
Then I had unprotected sex with guy2 on the 20th of may and he came in me I'm not really sure who the father is if
If anyone could help would be amazing
Thank you

Happymummy120 Tue 06-Jun-17 21:17:02

Sorry to take over but it's just stressing me out a bit

physicskate Tue 06-Jun-17 21:30:25

Sorry happy - but those two dates are a bit too close to call. If you have a regular 28 day cycle, more likely to be guy 1.

But even scan dates will be +/- a few days...

DNA test required after birth.

Sorry it's causing you stress, but honestly, no one can tell you who it was with 100% certainty.

Happymummy120 Tue 06-Jun-17 21:42:59

Thank you very much physicskate I know a DNA is for certain

user1496772655 Wed 07-Jun-17 01:00:20

Could it be possible it's from the month before and the 'period' was an implantation bleed/fake period?

I also had a period (which I believe was true) on 13th April (as stated above, for 4 days).

I had sex at the end of this, I also had sex on 28th/29th April, where I would've been fertile I guess?

And then again 2 days before the next period (14th May, period came 16th May).

It's a long shot as the line is faint I guess, but just panicking. All same male. Then one different male on 21st May.

user1496772655 Wed 07-Jun-17 01:39:03

See pics. Top one is today and completely clearly negative. Bottom is yesterday with the faintest line - think possible Evap line? Starting to feel like I could've got carried away and worrying over nothing x

CherriesInTheSnow Wed 07-Jun-17 08:48:57

Hmm it is really hard to say sad

The thing is they can vary, and for some women FMU isn't the strongest concentration of HCG that they have. The bottom one does honestly look like my first test from end of January which certainly was positive.

Is it possible to get a Clearblue digital? If you are having faint lines and they are actually positive, it should show up in a CBD by now too.

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