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Has anyone ever conceived...

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WithCheesePlease Mon 05-Jun-17 11:07:10

Outside** of the usual fertile window? Just wondering if anyone ever got pregnant say the week before their period or the week after?
We were TTC for 8 months, using OPKs and making sure it was during fertile window etc. Got pregnant after 8th cycle, then had miscarriage 6 weeks later.

Since then I hadn't really been up to TTC again. But recently we were away on holidays and I just finally felt so much happier and felt ready again, and we were at it every day a few times​ a day grin. This was from day 23 onwards in a 31 day cycle.
AF is now 2 days late now, and I just thought wouldn't it be so nice if it just happened in such a happy relaxed atmosphere, rather than having to start all that OPK crap again, building up hopes each month, AF coming etc, especially after what happened last time.

Anyway, probably pointless even thinking about it, but just wanted to hear if it had ever happened for anyone at a different time of the month.

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