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Do you think the line looks funny?

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cottoncandee Tue 09-May-17 15:43:53

Ladies, I POAS this morning with FMU using a FRER. I kind of already know it would be negative but my AF hasn't arrived and I'm waiting for first normal AF after MC (I know it wouldn't probably on time this month due to my MC).
But I noticed the control line looks funny compared to what I'm used to. It looks a bit jagged to me. Is it how it is with FRER now or is my test defective? confused
I am a bit worried if it could be defective cause I bought quite big batch with this one online.

SummerRayne17 Tue 09-May-17 15:47:59

Hi Cotton. It looks like maybe the test is flooded?

MummyWuks Tue 09-May-17 15:49:23

I know what you mean, but that's probably just the way the dye has run. If they are positive there's two lines (unless you are testing too early) if it didn't work there'd be no control line. Very sorry to hear about your MC flowers

cottoncandee Tue 09-May-17 16:55:30

@SummerRayne17 oh that's strange, I (sorry for TMI) peed in a cup an dipped the stick in

@MummyWuks thanks for your sympathy smile . I know it's not positive (like what I said), I am just worried that all the tests that I bought are defective cause FRERs aren't the cheapest even tho I bought them on the internet. If it looks like it could be defective I am going to complain and return them to get different batch. Just wondering cause the line looks bit unusual to me smile

Hotpinkangel19 Tue 09-May-17 17:06:11

Just looked at mine, they're the same xx

MummyWuks Wed 10-May-17 17:05:42

Sorry if I came across I hadn't read your post properly. I just wanted to emphasise how they tend to be accurate. I've had them in the past with that type of line. I don't think they will be defective. When I had to test over and over I found Poundland were actually the best, and they happen to be the most sensitive down to 10 mIU of HCG.

cottoncandee Wed 10-May-17 18:26:53

@MummyWuks ah okay, thank you! smile I am gonna stock up from Poundlands then. After the MC I had to use a lot of FRERs to see if it's changed to BFN. I felt like peeing on money lol

MummyWuks Thu 11-May-17 08:57:47

Yes, they are great the Poundland ones - and I didn't feel so bad spending so much money on tests! How are you feeling now?

cottoncandee Fri 12-May-17 10:53:15

@MummyWuks getting better thank you. AF is finally here, and I have appointment with my OB discussing whether or not I should do the tests here after 3 MCs (relocated to Vienna since September so usually only in London for limited time). The whole MC thing is really tiring sad

MummyWuks Fri 12-May-17 12:29:58

Good to hear you are feeling better and you don't have to wait any longer for AF. I would do the tests whether here or in Vienna (if they offer them or would you have to pay?). My cousin had Factor V Leiden and she had 5 miscarriages. Once it was identified she took aspirin daily and carried two healthy babies to term. You must be emotionally exhausted flowers

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