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Ttc #1

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StaceyRavis Sun 30-Apr-17 00:56:13

Does it effect fertility/ttc if you have previously used contraception for a long time? I've used either the contraceptive implant or the pill for around the last 15 years. Now ttc #1. Been ttc for 10 months. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thankyou

GraceBlish Sun 30-Apr-17 21:07:28

Hi Spacey! Yes, it can take up to a year for a lot of women who come off hormonal contraception after a long time on them. They say if you've been trying for two years to no avail then go to gp but I think it's v normal to take a while after 15 years on hormones smile x

GraceBlish Sun 30-Apr-17 21:07:48

Stacey!!!! Not Spacey 🙈

StaceyRavis Sun 30-Apr-17 22:08:51

Haha wouldn't be the 1st time I've been called that wink lol thanks for your reply hun. I've always been so careful with contraception in the past, and now I'm ready to start a family it's taking longer than I imagined shock All in good time I suppose & it will happen when the times right I am sure smile x

PirateQueenie Sun 30-Apr-17 22:34:18

Keep the faith, I know how long time feels when ttc, it took me nearly 3 years and each month brings with it it's own sadness sad keep going! Xx

StaceyRavis Sun 30-Apr-17 23:01:46

Thankyou piratequeenie. I guess I always imagined it would happen quickly! I'm 30yo & DH is 26 so hopefully will be our time soon! Thanks for your response smile x

PirateQueenie Sun 30-Apr-17 23:34:12


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