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user1493055625 Mon 24-Apr-17 18:49:50

Hi All, I am new to this!!! Been reading comments for ages, interesting to hear other peoples experiences! I come off the pill in January, had a withdrawal bleed. Had my period 18th march-22nd march. Then my second period 22nd April but i have stopped bleeding today (24th April)!! Has anyone else had this? Weve been trying a fair bit, ive started taking primrose oil since period arrived, could this be the reason my period was so short??

Really interested in hearing your stories!!! X

Smcg123 Mon 24-Apr-17 19:00:43

Shit that posted before I could type....

I've asked a question as I'm so confused and frustrated with ttc...

I've been trying ttc from Oct 2016 (came of the pill then) My Af has been regular since Jan with a 26 day cycle. I had my last proper Af on 18/03/17 where I needed tampax (sorry tmi) I've been using flo and ovi apps to track ovulation and monitoring my cm etc. According to both apps I was due my Af on 13/4/17, it was 3 days late and I had very light spotting and it was only when I wiped again sorry tmi on the evening on 16th 17th and stopped on the 18th. I have been researching and it could be implantation (I hope) but today a week later from the first spotting I just got a bfn on a clearblue test.

I think I'm out but that bleed was really strange for me as I normally have 5 days medium then light for the last day.

Smcg123 Mon 24-Apr-17 19:01:47

The previous message was to say Hi! I'm new to posting too though I have been reading for months (I've always been afraid to post anything lol)

user1493055625 Tue 25-Apr-17 23:51:06

Its all so annoying isn't it!!

The pill is so frustrating, takes ages to get out your system! fingers crossed my periods stay regular, although i just had a period and mine only lasted two days!!!!! So I'm in the same boat at you! I haven't taken a test as it did feel like a proper period! Sooo frustrating! X

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