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Possible Positive? Not sure...

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yummymummy0620 Sat 15-Apr-17 22:37:07

So I discovered while in Boots the other day (12th April) I was late (went to buy women's week stuff and then realised haven't had women's week yet!?! (Normally 6th without fail!)
Rather than paying an absolute bomb on pregnancy tests I nipped into Poundland and bought a 3 strip pack and tested the next day, first morning pee and all that lol

First picture was taken within 5 minutes of testing...

I've got 2 awesome little boys already and when I fell preggers with them the tests I used came up so strong we were shocked, however these tests aren't that great for strength in colour....

Do I need to be worrying or am I over thinking?

Thanks in advance all

yummymummy0620 Sat 15-Apr-17 22:38:11

Re tested today 48hrs later...

Sazwest Sat 15-Apr-17 22:40:15

They are definitely positive Hun congratulations smilesmile x x

Sunshinesaz86 Sun 16-Apr-17 08:58:57

Yes no mistaking those! Definitely positive! Congratulations x

yummymummy0620 Sun 16-Apr-17 10:24:25

Thank you all 🙂

I've got no symptoms what so ever so it's got me a little worried... contacted doctors about booking in with midwife and was told first appointment available was end of May... so I've got a little while to wait apparently 🙄

ShuttyTown Sun 16-Apr-17 11:02:02

First time I've ever heard 'woman's week'!

Congratulations flowers

MaverickSnoopy Sun 16-Apr-17 11:09:01

Definitely a positive. I didn't have any symptoms in my first pregnancy. If they can't fit you in until end of may then perhaps enquire as to booking 12wk scan now instead of waiting until your midwife apt because it sounds like you could be cutting it fine.

froofroomcgoo Sun 16-Apr-17 11:42:17


End of may sounds about right.

yummymummy0620 Sun 16-Apr-17 12:24:10

Lol Shuttytown, that's what we call it here lol x
Didn't think you could book a scan before a booking appointment MaverickSnoopy? 😮

Foggymist Sun 16-Apr-17 13:00:27

I thought women's week was a magazine or something lol! They are very strong positives. You can book a private scan from 6 weeks onwards.

yummymummy0620 Sun 16-Apr-17 17:03:51

Ah foggymist I didn't know this! Thank you 🙂

Emmageddon Sun 16-Apr-17 17:06:06

Congratulations flowers

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