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Conceiving again after an ERPC

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user1491386036 Wed 05-Apr-17 12:49:32

Good afternoon everyone,

I have just joined this site as I am after some advice.I very sadly had a MMC back in February which resulted in me having to have an ERPC on 6 March.It was an awful shock as we didn't find out anything was wrong until the 12 weeks scan.
I was told my period would start again around 4- 6 weeks and to wait until then before TTC again. the last few days I have felt lower back pain, fluttering sensations in my abdomen and very sore heavy boobs. Is it possible I could be pregnant again or is it just symptoms of PMS?
I just wondered if anyone else had experienced anything similar and if it was possible to conceive again so soon? Any comments would be very much appreciated.

GreedyDuck Wed 05-Apr-17 13:11:00

If you've ovulated and had sex, then yes it's completely possible to conceive quickly after an ERPC or miscarriage. The only reason they advise you to wait until you've had a period is so that it's easier to date any new pregnancy.

Gingerambition1980 Wed 05-Apr-17 13:22:58

Thanks GreedyDuck much appreciated! I don't know if I've ovulated as I was going to wait until after I had my period. I'll just have to wait and see.

Doublechocolatetiffin Wed 05-Apr-17 13:29:50

Firstly I'm very sorry about your loss. A missed miscarriage is awful, I'm a few weeks behind you but in a very similar position.

If you've been having unprotected sex then it's very possible that you could be pregnant. As GreedyDuck says they only tell you to wait till after the first period so they can date the pregnancy. Did they tell you to do a pregnancy test to make sure you had a negative? If so you could just test again and see what it says.

Gingerambition1980 Wed 05-Apr-17 13:45:22

So sorry your in the same situation as me. It is horrible and you feel really upset and cheated.
Yes I did a test 2 weeks ago to make sure the hormones had dropped and it was negative. Also we waited two weeks after the op to have sex as to not risk infection. I thought about doing a test but wondered if it was a bit soon and may confuse me even more if the result was incorrect. Thanks for the support and I wish you all the luck in the world for the future!

SillySausage1 Wed 05-Apr-17 13:53:14

Sorry to hear of your loss. I was in same situation 2 years ago and now have an 18 month DS who was conceived about 3 weeks after ERPC (unknowingly, i didn't think I had ovulated as periods had not restarted yet). So yes, you could be pregnant but i'd wait a while before testing if you can.

Doublechocolatetiffin Wed 05-Apr-17 13:53:42

I can completely see where you are coming from, I'm sure my first test after we start trying is going to be a nerve wracking and emotional time! Part of me would want to know now, but then now I think being pregnant isn't a guarantee of anything so I'll have very miexed feelings.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and I really hope it's some good news.

GreedyDuck Wed 05-Apr-17 14:36:30

Just to add to my previous post, I conceived again six weeks after my most recent ERPC. I do hope that you have similar luck.

Gingerambition1980 Wed 05-Apr-17 14:38:10

Thanks Silly Sausage. Really glad to hear things worked out for you that gives me much needed hope!

SillySausage1 Wed 05-Apr-17 15:24:29

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you! MMC are utterly horrendous (as with all types of baby loss) but it does get easier with time. Stay positive flowers

Gingerambition1980 Thu 06-Apr-17 08:33:29

Thank you for all your messages! It's definitely made me feel more hopeful during a difficult time. smile

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