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TTC after Cilest

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waiting4bambino Tue 27-Feb-07 23:26:36

Hi all, I'm another newbie! Been reading the site for a while and thought i'd finally join up! I came off Cilest back in Dec 06 and have been trying since then. My periods have definitely changed since stopping the pill, so something's going on with my body, but on the occasions i've wee'd on ovulation kits, they say that i'm not ovulating. Is it too soon to be getting anxious over this? As anyone TTC, it seems to be all i can think of, I just assumed i would get pregnant instantly, having no health problems and being relatively fit etc! Has anyone else had any experience of TTC after Cilest? I would really appreciate your replies, good luck to you all in trying to get that positive result! xx

Califrau Tue 27-Feb-07 23:30:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SparklyGothKat Tue 27-Feb-07 23:33:36

I fell pregnant with DS the first month after coming off Cilest.

missnatalie Wed 28-Feb-07 09:23:24

I became pregnant within the 1st month of coming off cilest. Unfortunatly the baby was ectopic. I agree with the others you should go and see your doctor in regads to ovulation.

waiting4bambino Wed 28-Feb-07 20:41:58

Hi to you all, thanks for replying! Sorry to hear that you had an ectopic pregnancy missnatalie - have you had any luck since?

It's good to hear that some have conceived soon after it though... Yes, Cilest is blue and comes in a pink/purply container etc...
I think I will go to my docs regarding ovulating. Unfortunately, I am due today for my period - it hasnt come yet but i can feel the pains! Back to counting the days again I guess!

Look forward to hearing from you again, good luck if you're trying to conceive too....

iwillbepgbydec07 Wed 28-Feb-07 20:58:28

hiya waiting4bambino

i also fell pregnant the first month after coming off of cilest.

i would check with your gp but you may just be testing too early/too late.

smurfey Wed 28-Feb-07 21:03:55

Hey i didn't fall pregnant after cilest but stopped ovulating!! Turned out i had PCOS but now pregnant with secomd child. Def worth seeing GP. Good luck!!

waiting4bambino Wed 28-Feb-07 21:20:25

Thanks for your replies both.

I don't even want to think about PCOS. My friend has it, I didnt realise how complex it is and how many symptoms you can have etc. I've read about some ladies who struggle with their weight, and have hair loss, or even lots of hair! And acne too... And to top it all off, the problems with conceiving - although i've read loads of articles where women have been successful too but its been a longhaul for them....
I'm trying not to think too much about it at the moment cos maybe i'm psychologically making myself not ovulate or something!
If I am in the same situation next month, I'm going to buy a Calista saliva ovulation kit - i read about them on another site and they sound great, and cheaper than the other methods since you can use it for 2 years! Speak to you all soon xx

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