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xagirlwholovesglitterx Sat 04-Feb-17 21:36:00

could really do with some just general advise!
ive posted on here a few times as i always find everybody's experiences useful/helpful.

period should of been due 2nd which is 13DPO. 2nd came nothing, until middle of the night. started to notice pink on my tissue so put a pad on. nothing until midday again pink and faint and nothing sins. i tested the morning of my period and it said negative.

im unsure whether this is implantation bleeding as i ovulated on 20th so thought it would be too late to be having this now?

just unsure when to test again or even to bother testing again... has anybody have a similar experience?

thanks in adv girlies smile x

Roseandbee Sat 04-Feb-17 21:56:35

You can get a light bleed at the time of AF if you are preg, but I've also started to get this kind of random stop start bleeding as part of my normal AF. If you don't want to waste a test then af would prob come in the next day or two if it is on it's way & really you should wait at least two days for your hcg to increase for another test. Hard to say at this point but it doesn't mean your ruled out till you get your proper AF fx

Phoenix76 Sat 04-Feb-17 22:02:46

I second what roseandbee said. I had "breakthrough" bleeding when af was due but turned out I was pregnant but annoyingly it is also normal for me when af is on her way. I would try, really hard, to wait another few days. Good luck

xagirlwholovesglitterx Sun 05-Feb-17 14:00:53

hi girls. thanks for commenting smile
just an update... i had that before! light bleeding on and off for a day or 2 and then would come heavy. yeh my periods used to always be heavy first 2 days then light last 2. yeah i havent bled for 2 days now sins the on and off light bleeding. so did think twice this morning but did a test anyway... glad i did as i got my first faint positive! the first photo was after 3 minutes and second photo is the same test but took photo just smile


Phoenix76 Sun 05-Feb-17 14:19:41

That's fantastic!! I had my fingers crossed for you, thank you for letting us know and congratulations!! X

xagirlwholovesglitterx Sun 05-Feb-17 14:47:45

phoenix76 - thankyou!! i know you cant really tell on first photo, photos abit crap! i had to stop and look really closely at first but now when i look at the test its so clear. im gonna leave it 3/4 days and do another to compare. im so surprised because like i said i tested once said negative then had that light bleed and then tested 2 days after it stopped and got positive. didnt think i could have implantation 2 days into when my period cycle should have started... my only guessing is that i implanted earlier but bleeding took its time to come or something. was unsure it was even real at first! you had your period yet chick? wasnt it due soon? xx

Roseandbee Sun 05-Feb-17 14:58:41

Aww congrats! That's great news, I know I advised waiting but I prob would've also POAS today in your situation lol I tend to not be able to stop doing it till AF rules me out & have a lot of cheap test lying around, anyway congrats! flowers

Phoenix76 Sun 05-Feb-17 21:57:44

Again I'm going to agree with roseandbee 😂 I would have tested too but wanted to give you the "sensible" advice! Also so glad you did test and it was good news. I'm not ttc at the moment, my youngest is almost a year old now but when I was, and it was the most frustrating/heart breaking/annoying etc experiences of my life, I would get light bleeding before af and get all excited thinking "this is it, I'm finally pregnant" then af would be a most unwelcome visitor. BUT, I also got light bleeding when I was actually pregnant but thought, wrongly, af was on her way so I didn't test as I thought it was game over until she didn't arrive a few days later. I think they call this type of bleeding "break through" bleeding and absolutely nothing to worry about. I even got it at 2 months pregnant & thought I was losing baby but again, after scans etc it was nothing. I am still in two minds about ttc 3 😮 That's a good line for a fairly early test though!

xagirlwholovesglitterx Sun 05-Feb-17 23:17:11

thankyou both!
well the bleeding stopped midday thursday. which was when i was due my period. thought it was AF playing up like it did before stop start light for 2 days and heavy the next. but when i saw nothing again this morning it just made me think... ive got a cheap test in my draw so will do that tomorrow morning, and then my first response one Tuesday morning/Wednesday morning smile not really sure how long your meant to leave before testing again so.


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