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Faint line then BFN but not enough wee - help!

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Thomasina76 Thu 26-Jan-17 12:12:01

I am 13 DPO and 4 days before my period is due although it may come sooner. Did a HPT this morning using an internet cheapie and got a faint but definite line. Could barely believe it as we've been TTC for 14 months with no luck. However, I put the test down then went to give DCs breakfast, then checked it 30-40 minutes later and the line had gone! Could it have been an evapouration line? I am sure it had some faint colour to it. Anyhow, I then bought a First Response HPT on the way to work and did it in the loo but didn't have enough wee and only peed on the stick for 2 seconds, not 5 seconds. The control line did come up (visible but faint) so presumably the test worked and I am not pregnant. Gutted. But what about the faint line on the other test. Am i going mad?

Thomasina76 Thu 26-Jan-17 15:53:52

Bump. Anyone?

onlymrsmac Thu 26-Jan-17 17:14:31

Definitely worth doing FRER with FMU, wee in a pot and dip the stick, then you'll definitely get it wet enough!

Sounds inconclusive from the test you took earlier so you're only going to know one way or the other by POAS again

Good luck flowers

BoBo90 Thu 26-Jan-17 20:23:03

Unfortunately sounds like an evap. The test line briefly looking positive and then faded to nothing can happen and is such a bummer!! Gets your hopes up and then boom bfn 😞
Sorry but test again in a few days! You're not out until af turns up 🙂

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