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Cyclogest - Low Oestrogen Symptoms!

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MrsTreeOfTheBee Tue 17-Jan-17 12:57:19

Hi there,
My cycle`s been all over the place since I miscarried a year ago (which was seemingly due to low progesterone).
Im TTC`ing & a private doctor prescribed me Cyclogest.
For the past 3 cycles/months I`ve used Cyclogest pessary 400mg 1xday for 10 days in the luteal phase.. But now seem to be having low oestrogen symptoms (egg not being released, 2 day AF, feeling depressed & teary).
Anyone else had this? Could this now be progesterone dominance?!!
..Im thinking of switching to 400mg Cyclogest every other day of the luteal phase (so for 5 days rather than 10). Is it ok to do that ?

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