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Shuttles vs O+12

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epeters6810 Sun 08-Jan-17 09:07:06


I've just had my monthly visit after first month of TTC and although I know we've not been trying for long I always feel a little down. We got pregnant with my first son straight away but my second took 5 months, another son. This time I'll be honest we are TTC a girl so have looked at varying methods. We want a third child regardless before people jump down my throat and we even want a fourth if we are lucky enough so I am not worried if a girl does not come.

We are just curious to try different methods to see if they have any truth. Last month I used the clear blue digital ovulation predictor which tells you high and peak fertility. We stopped DTD when we got a high result but I kept testing and my high period went on for longer than 2 days so we DTD once again for luck. I then got peak so we stopped but I was so desperate to be pregnant a day or so later we DTD again and then I saw about the O + 12 so wasn't too worried. Has anyone used these methods? Also has anyone changed diets to help? What did they find helped? I am taking cranberry supplements, calcium and magnesium also.

Using the clear blue it gives you a rough 48 hr window of when you could ovulate as the peak smiley face doesn't turn off for this time so how would I work out when it had been 12 hrs since actual ovulation?! Any help/tips greatly received.

Lndnmummy Sun 08-Jan-17 18:40:22

I got pregnant with my son using the shettles method (tried for a boy). Alot of superstition I am sure.

OnNaturesCourse Sun 08-Jan-17 18:51:38

Intrigued to find out about these methods!

(Desperate for a boy)

epeters6810 Sun 08-Jan-17 20:09:22

I have two boys already and lets just say I'd never heard of these methods before and hubby and I just DTD a lot because we saw it as we were 'trying' for a baby so tried a lot 😂 now I've done a lot of research and timing doesn't seem to be as important as the supplements, diet and your natural PH levels. I will also say I religiously took pregnacare multivitamins with both my boys and if you want a girl apperantly multivitamins are not helpful just folic acid and individual supplements. Good luck for your boys! x

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