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Is this BFP

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Nutcaserugby Tue 27-Dec-16 09:07:25

Hello 5 days late today, I tested 3 days ago BFN so I assumed she would just show her ugly head. Just tested as still no AF and I think this means a BFP. I'm so confused as a BFN a few days so I have just been waiting for her to arrive and got all thoughts of possibly pregnancy out of mind. Any help ladies is this BFP? I have been trying since March and have no children. I am type one diabetic which makes things harder. Advice appreciated please. Thank you.

Threesoundslikealot Tue 27-Dec-16 09:08:46

That's definitely a positive. Congratulations. It can take longer for some people to hit the hormone level required to turn a test positive but it's nothing to worry about.

Nutcaserugby Tue 27-Dec-16 09:10:56

Thank you very much for the reply.

MrsCharlieD Tue 27-Dec-16 09:27:05

Yes definitely! Congratulations! X

Nutcaserugby Tue 27-Dec-16 10:14:20

Thank you very much. I can't take it in as I let go of all the feelings and the disappointed another month goes by so it seems very unreal. I told myself the symptoms were in my head and so it's a shock. Thank you though x

MrsCharlieD Tue 27-Dec-16 10:24:44

I've been there! Ds took 4 years to conceive. We'd actually given up all hope and then it happened out of the blue. Currently on cycle 6 ttc dc2 and I'm hoping for a bfp this month!

MouseLove Tue 27-Dec-16 13:23:46

Congratulations you're Pregnant!!!

Amz26 Tue 27-Dec-16 13:53:59

Congratulations that is a strong line!!! What a great late Xmas present xxx

Nutcaserugby Tue 27-Dec-16 20:32:57

Thank you all for the congratulations! I hope you all have the BFP soon. Fingers crossed for you all smile

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