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Implantation bleed, discharge, etc

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CabbageLooking Mon 19-Dec-16 12:49:23

I have recently finished what was probably my lightest ever period. I've been using a moon cup and, while usually it would be almost full at the end of each day/night, this time I had two days of a small covering of dark blood. I now have (TMI alert) lots of clear/milky discharge.

I have not been tracking when my periods are due because we have pretty much given up on conceiving. I am excessively tired. I also have a horrid cold.

In the event that this was implantation bleeding, when would I be test ready? It finished about three/four days ago.

Every single month I convince myself that I'm pregnant and I hate that I'm doing it again but this does seem... different.

Alibaba2 Mon 19-Dec-16 14:29:50

You could probably test now as implantation would be complete in a few days.

Anovulatary cycles are also light.

The only way to know is test, good luck!

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