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Does this sound like a chemical pregnancy?

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hellowembley Tue 04-Oct-16 14:18:36

I wonder if anyone can help?
I was 10 dpo on Thursday. I took a test and got bfp (very faint). Got a stronger positive on friday. I tested again yesterday (Mon) , the day my period was due using the same 5 days early test brand and got a really, really faint line- barely there and fainter than the line i had 3 days previous, and i got worried my hcg levels must have dropped not risen. Then this morning I got 2 bfn on standard tests.
I'm not bleeding but it doesnt look like i'm pregnant anymore- does this sound like a chemical pregnancy? sad

YouBoggleMyMind Tue 04-Oct-16 14:28:56

Hi wembley, same has just happened to me.
Lines on tests from 12dpo and by 14dpo I was spotting and on 16dpo AF came.
The only way to know true would be to get a blood test to measure your hcg levels.
I hope it isn't a chemical for you as I know how gutting it can be.
Look after yourself flowers

hellowembley Tue 04-Oct-16 14:31:10

Thanks boggle. I think i'll try & get a GP appt as i'm driving myself mad with the tests. Maybe they'll do a blood test for me

hellowembley Tue 04-Oct-16 14:31:24

Sorry to hear about yours

YouBoggleMyMind Tue 04-Oct-16 14:38:13

Have everything crossed for you wembley.
We were so sure this was our cycle. Now onto a 7th cycle of clomid... fingers crossed for this one.

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