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Positive then negative. Ttc for 3 years.

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BabyWanted Thu 15-Sep-16 20:26:22

So, apologies for length before I start. Period started 15th Aug, 27 day cycle. Monday had a positive clear blue digital on the fertility monitor. Tuesday I had a positive clear blue ordinary digital and a positive superdrug digital BUT negative line superdrug test. All done first thing. Today I went crazy and did the clear blue digital fertility monitor pregnancy test midday, then a clear blue digital and superdrug line test and ALL were negative! No spotting no period cramps. Terrible upper back pain which is very odd. Is there a hope I'm still pregnant? Did I test the wrong times? I will test again in the morning but really can you get 3 positives then 4 negatives and still be pregnant?

MoonlightMojitos Thu 15-Sep-16 22:10:43

Step away from the pee sticks! I know its hard but give it a few more days hun and try not to drive your self crazy. It's very rare to get false positives so it's probably good news and tests today were either because they were not fmu, or you drank more so more diluted etc. So many variations! Do you know how many dpo you are?

BabyWanted Thu 15-Sep-16 22:17:31

Thanks for your reply. Yes I need to go to bed I think smile. I've no idea how dpo I am because it never showed on my clear blue fertility monitor. Another reason why I think it's a false reading..

MoonlightMojitos Thu 15-Sep-16 22:26:17

I'm sure it will be good news, 3 false tests would be very bad luck so fx for you! Let us know how you get on in a few days but try to relax! Or post a pic Saturday fmu and we can all have a good squint!

BabyWanted Fri 16-Sep-16 06:29:20

Another negative. sad Just going to wait for period..

haveacupoftea Fri 16-Sep-16 08:08:14

I had this situation before, rung the epu for advice and the nurse told me it can take a while for the hormones to settle in early pregnancy. Now in my case I never got a positive again but AF didn't arrive until the next month so I spent a whole month tearing my hair out. I can only advise you that if you don't have AF in a week or two go for a blood test with your GP. But there is still a chance you could be pregnant.

Maranello4 Sat 17-Sep-16 16:52:28

Hi there Hope you don't mind me jumping on the thread as I'm in a similar situation. It's so annoying!! haveacupoftea - so the blood test was with your GP rather than nurse/midwife? How long did you have to wait for the results?

UterusUterusGhali Sat 17-Sep-16 22:05:39

Keep an eye on the upper back pain.
Is it in your shoulders?
Any unilateral cramping please get an emergency app with gp or EPU to rule out an ectopic.

MaisyL68 Sun 18-Sep-16 00:23:12

I had this! I had very strong positives at 5 weeks, at 6 weeks I had a private scan as me and my partner had been trying for some time and I had discomfort on my right side, all was well, I am now 7-8 weeks and did a few more tests as i just couldn't believe it lol, they came out really faint!! But pregnancys going well and has already been confirmed! I think hormones go all over the place and maybe hard for a test to pick up at some points, so it's deffinatiy possible your pregnant!, also in early pregnancy you do get period like cramps!. Good luck 😊

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