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starting to lose hope I'll ever get pregnant

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missaimee92 Thu 15-Sep-16 16:05:39

Hi everyone,
I've been trying to get pregnant for about a year and 4 months.
I'm only 24 and my husband is 29.
We're both really worried, because there's nothing we want more than to have a child.
I've been to the doctor and they are about to start the tests on me. But I just feel really down and don't even get excited of my period is a few days late because I know nothing is happening. I need some reasuring and hopeful news. Thanks ladiessmile

BooseysMom Fri 16-Sep-16 09:07:38

Hi missaimie.. I noticed no one has replied yet and i was moved by your msg. The one thing i can say is you are so young ..20 years younger than me!! ..and i wouldn't worry. We were sort of ttc for about 3 years before we conceived our DS. We only tried half heartedly. . I had 2 MCs prob as i was over 35 then eventually we did it and i had my DS at the ripe old age of 41!! I never even realised i was preg for 3 months as i was bleeding every month but not properly. So what i'm saying is anything can happen!! You'll get there. Just try not to worry and relax about it and it will happen. Good luck 🍀 xx

icy121 Fri 16-Sep-16 18:18:29

You need all your bloods done ASAP and get your husbands sorry checked. Are your periods regular?

Elllicam Fri 16-Sep-16 18:25:14

Have you been doing OPK's? It took us a while and it turned out I have a short luteal phase and we weren't covering the right days.

missaimee92 Sat 17-Sep-16 13:38:30

Thank you everyone for your replies😊
I have got a regular period roughly 32 day cycle, I had a blood test the other day and will get results next week.
I have tried opk but never seem to get a positive.
Thank you booseysmom for your nice comment xx

MaisyL68 Sun 18-Sep-16 00:32:23

Stay positive! I'm 21 been with my partner since I was 15, we never used anything most of the time (I tryed a few contraceptives but all made me bleed!) I was then diagnosed with pcos at 18, I wasn't trying to get pregnant but it never happened anyway! I had really irregular periods and was in and out of hospital with cysts on my ovaries, in July I was in hospital with extreme pain, and ovulated the begging of argust after all of that I'm 7-8 weeks pregnant with my little miricale !! Don't loose hope, it will happen when the times right! I was convinced I would never ever conceive 😊 Best of luck to you! Positive thoughts xx

missaimee92 Sun 18-Sep-16 20:25:41

Thank you Maisy!
Congratulations on your pregnancy!
I too have been with my partner since I was 14! But we did always use contraceptives until we got married just over a year ago. Thank you for your positive words! Xx

MaisyL68 Sun 18-Sep-16 21:53:34

Thank you! And stay positive it will happen, just don't put to much pressure on yourself, fingers crossed for you both xx

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