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Trying for #4?

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lousylear Sun 14-Aug-16 08:46:35

Anyone else out there trying for #4? I'm 41, new partner and would love a new baby. DDs 12 and 10, DS 8. Easy conception, pg and labours previously so really hoping I conceive easily again as I am not getting any younger. Had coil removed mid July. Using Ovia to try and track my cycle. In 2ww now. FX

Ihavenousername Sun 14-Aug-16 09:19:49

I'm also ttc number 4! Also had the coil removed at the beginning of July. I'm 14dpo, af due in 2 days. Getting negative cheapy tests atm. I have a frer I think I'll save it for Tuesday though.

I hope your 2ww doesn't drag too much, good luck!

lousylear Sun 14-Aug-16 14:00:59

Hi nousername. I'll be testing in 10 days time. I think I'll use a frer and not bother with cheaper ones. FX we both get bfp.

Ihavenousername Mon 15-Aug-16 10:50:25

Af came a day early so I am out for this month. Never mind, more fun trying next month for me. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get your bfp this month though!

lousylear Mon 15-Aug-16 15:08:39

Not enjoying the 2ww. Feel bloated and dizzy. Could be either pg or AF. Either way I'll be glad when this week is over and I'll know either way, fx.

Ihavenousername Thu 25-Aug-16 18:58:48

How did your tww go lousylear? Have you tested?

lousylear Thu 25-Aug-16 19:24:30

Ha, that's a good question!
Cd31, no AF. Keep getting bfn, frer and ic. Again this morning with IC.
Driving me mad! Have every pg symptom going. Especially my boobs, which are massive now and killing. Going to try a frer again on Sunday. FX

Ihavenousername Fri 26-Aug-16 11:45:10

Oh no, what a pain! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Good luck!

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