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Polycystic Ovaries possibility

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LALR2615 Fri 05-Aug-16 08:58:39

So just been told my blood tests have come back looking like I've possibly got polycystic ovaries.
Been on the pill for the last 5 years came off in April as myself and partner have decided to let nature take its course and see if anything happens...had a withdrawal bleed then nothing for about 8 weeks then had a normal period but since then only been getting spotting every two weeks the last couple of months hence the blood test. Im young fit healthy but now really starting to worry how much this could effect my fertility ! Anyone been in the same predicament ? I don't go back for more tests until 6th September which feels ages away !

Devgal Fri 05-Aug-16 11:12:58

When I came off the pill after 8 years, my cycles got longer and longer gradually creeping up to nearly 100 days for one, so went to the GP who referred me for various tests and ultrasounds. Took a couple of months to conclude it was PCOS. In the meantime though I aimed to follow a low GI diet to control my blood sugar levels as this hugely plays a part in the hormone in-balance that can cause PO. I would suggest looking into that ( I actually found pinterest really helpful for blogs and recipes). It really felt like I was being proactive. I was also prescribed Metformin as soon as I was given the diagnosis, but my blood sugar levels were showing me a pre-diabetic so I don't know how readily GPs would prescribe this otherwise. We agreed to not actually ttc until my cycles leveled out somewhat as otherwise it would not only have been really difficult to time things and we just felt the extra pressure would only make things harder. Anyway, after a few months I actually had a few 30(ish) day cycles in a row so we decided that we should go for it. I actually fell pregnant on the first cycle after that and am now 23 weeks. I honestly do feel incredibly lucky, however I do remember just how bleak things did seem, but I feel I worked hard to balance everything out and to keep a clear head with things and really think that is what helped most. I also do know that it is not as simple as that for others, but this is just my experience which I hope can help you. Sorry for the long ramble.

LALR2615 Fri 05-Aug-16 11:22:48

Thank you for sharing your experience it is really helpful to hear others stories. I'm a big lover of Pinterest so will have a look at some low GI recipes. Big congratulations on conceiving ! :-)

AmyC86 Fri 05-Aug-16 12:13:50

Join us on pcos periods or lack off. There's a wealth of information on there xx

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