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ttc and period start, stop and start again....

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LottieB30 Sun 31-Jul-16 22:17:50

Hi all

After a bit of advice, I normally have a 29/30 day cycle and ovulate around CD 19/20 I know this from doing ov tests each month. Well this last cycle we didn't bother with ov tests as wanted a bit more of a relaxed approach but DTD a lot blush now I have had the most random cycle ever! Wondered if anyone else had experience it:

CD26 - some creamy brown discharge in the afternoon, nothing in the evening
CD27 - creamy brown discharge (not enough to fill a pad)
CD28 - nothing at all not even when I wiped
CD29 very light period not enough for a tampon
CD30 - nothing all day again nothing when I wiped but a few spots in the evening
CD31 - light period

I've never had anything like it, it was always heavy for a few days then gets lighter each day and lasts about 6 days. After a mmc earlier this year it has changed my af and now tends to be light and then have 2 heavy days on CD4 and 5.

I had wondered if the initial two days had been implantation but now not so sure?

Any advice much appreciated


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