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TTC post ectopic - irregular cycles

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LeslieLR Sun 24-Jul-16 22:06:45

Hi all,

Sorry for the long message, just wondering if anyone may be or may have been in same situation and could advise.

Quick background story: my husband and I decided last year to TTC for our 1st baby and low and behold, I got pregnant on 1st try in May 2015.
Sadly, joy was short-lived as the pregnancy turned out to be ectopic. I underwent surgery early June and they removed my right tube. I was told our chances to conceive naturally were still good so we waited the advised 3 months period and started trying again in September 2015.

When my period started again, it was the same as usual. Back pain for a day or 2 then AF would show and stay for 4 days and make her way again.

But in January 2016, I started having this weird spotting for up to 4 days around my period was due. Some cycles, it could be just 1 day or 2 and others longer but it's happened every month since January. The spotting leads to a proper bleed but even then, it "looks" different. Blood is darker, with more little clots. It is not very heavy, only lasts for 2 days, 3 max then lead to more light spotting for another 2 days. Sorry for TMI...

It was worrying me so I decided to go to my GP last May and she didn't seemed worried. She said my body was probably still recovering and that we should just keep trying. To reassure me, she gave me a request form for a blood test to check my hormones levels. But I have to do this blood test between day 2 and day 5 of my cycle and I've been extremely unlucky with timing with one month, the days falling over bank holiday weekend and the next, I was abroad.

I also asked the GP what date should I consider as the start of my cycle. Was it the day I start spotting or the day I bleed more heavily. She told me to ignore the spotting so I haven't used those dates as day 1. Which I think could have messed up my calendar...

It brings us to now. If I look at the fertility app that I use to keep track of things, I can see I spotted on June 21st and started heavier period on June 23rd. I have irregular cycles which can go between 26 to 31 days at most.

It's now July 24, AF hasn't shown, I haven't had any spotting, have no cramps but all HPT are negative.
I did feel very crampy on July 21st and was expecting AF to show but nothing. This quite big blob of CM came out that day but that's it. Nothing to report since.

Depending on which date I take into account as CD1, I should be either CD 34 or 32. I've never had such a long cycle. Even when I have a longer than usual one, I get this tell tale spotting 1st.

I just don't know what to think. My husband and I only dtd once during what I think was my fertility window as he was away most of it for work so I didn't expect this cycle to be the successful one. I don't feel pregnant at all. No sore boobs, no tiredness etc. symptoms I did feel when I was pregnant last year.

I was just wondering if anyone had a similar experience or had any advice.

Thanks for your time

hawaiibaby Sun 24-Jul-16 22:17:54

Sorry no advice but just wanted to empathise as I know what a head mess it all is second guessing your body, cycles and potential symptoms. I guess this could just be a slightly longer cycle as sometimes ovulation can be delayed by things like holidays or illness. Or of course you could be pg and ovd later than you thought so it hasn't shown yet.

Can you tell which side you ovulate on? I Just ask as I lost my left tube from an ectopic and thought I felt twinges on the side I was oving so really went for it the cycles I released an egg on my good side!

Good luck and hope you can do the blood test soon to put your mind at rest flowers

LeslieLR Sun 24-Jul-16 22:38:08

Yes, being in limbo and unable to "trust" your body truly messes with your head...

Unfortunately, I can't tell on which side I ovulate. I don't get any twinges, cramps, any symptoms whatsoever. When we started TTC again, I started using ovulation sticks but realised I was getting uber stressed about not missing the fertility window. The hubby wasn't a fan either so we just stopped using them. It means I have no clue when or even if I ovulate.

TTC should be a joyous and fun period but it can also be a stressful time for women. With the ectopic experience, it's just hard to relax!

StripeyMonkey1 Sun 24-Jul-16 22:48:10

From "Statistically, the chances of having a future successful pregnancy are very good and 65% of women are healthily pregnant within 18 months of an ectopic pregnancy. Some studies suggest this figure rises to around 85% over 2 years. Your chance of conceiving depends very much on the health of your tubes."

I was unlucky in that my tubes were badly scarred so I had two ectopics but that is not the norm. I have two children now so all worked out well in the end. I think the normal rule is that if you get pregnant again after an ectopic you should have a scan at 6 weeks to check all is ok.

Why not take a pregnancy test? It might be good news!

LeslieLR Sun 24-Jul-16 22:58:50

Hi Stripey,

The website was a godsend in the weeks following my surgery. I learned so much and was grateful to share with the other ladies on the forum. My surgeon was also optimistic about my chances at conceiving. Said that my left tube looked healthy so there was no reason for me to struggle getting pregnant. It's only been just over a year so I know i just need to be patient. My EPU was amazing too and they told me that the second I get pregnant, to give them a call to set up the early scan.

And of course, testimonies like yours give me hope. We all love success stories, especially when they follow heartbreak.

I did a HPT this morning and it was a clear negative. I'll wait until Tuesday if no AF before then and will test again. I'll be CD 36 or 34 by that point...

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