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Really pleasantly surprised with NHS help for TTC age 41

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youshouldcancelthecheque Fri 15-Jul-16 13:08:18

That's it really, apologies if this is common knowledge but I didn't expect the NHS to be much help for trying to TTC at my age.

Our local trust made headlines in 2010 for stopping funding altogether but did a U Turn later, the limit is 39 for starting treating, I am 41.

After TTC for over 2 years I went to my GP, she was great, did bloods (which are fine) and referred me to gynaecologist, said she wasn't sure if they would see me due to age. They did! I couldn't have met a nicer Consultant, been referred for scan, bloods and the dye in the tubes scan, all happening in the next month.

Semen test being done etc

All the tests are happening, I have been booked in to see her in 3 months to get all the results back, She said that they might prescribe hormone treatment and if they find issues with Polyps etc they would treat them and she was hopeful of success.

I honestly expected to be shown the door due to my age, I am delighted, actually a bit hopeful again.

youshouldcancelthecheque Fri 15-Jul-16 13:11:59

I have to add that clearly I am not expecting funded IVF.

AyeAmarok Fri 15-Jul-16 13:15:19

That's great! I'm glad they are helping you. I think if there is an issue that they can see that can be addressed then the NHS should treat that even if you're over 40. I don't like blanket arbitrary cut-offs.

I really hope it works out for you.

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