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Ovulation test help pleeeeeaasee!!!

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square53 Thu 14-Jul-16 18:21:07

I've been using the cheapy tests since cd10 then I'm on cd 20 now. I started using the clear blue dual digital tests 3 days ago. I got flashy smiley faces Tues, weds then this morning. I tested again with them at 12ish today after not drinking or weeing for 4 hours and got a static smiley. I also tested with a cheapy test and got a positive. My confusion now is that I've done another cheapy test this evening after 3 hour wee hold and it's negative. That would imply my surge has only last a few hours right?? I've started to get ovulation pains too but I'm just surprised to be possibly ovulating so soon after getting positive opk?? Especially as the clearblue leaflet said it would be 24-36 hours til ovulation. I dtd 2 nights ago but not last night and hoping to again tonight but worried there won't be enough swimmers there to meet the egg?? Anyone advise??

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