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No AF, BFN and weird bbt after ovarian drilling - no ovulation either??

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BusyBee831 Mon 04-Jul-16 08:17:51

Hi ladies,
I'm getting very confused with my chart, please have a look:
I cannot work out my coverline, I don't even know whether I ovulated (worst experience with CD21 blood test where Dr's secretary confirmed I did ovulate but then rang back a week later to apologise and confirm I actually didn't!). I had ovarian drilling 2 months ago and this is he 1st cycle that was induced with Provera.
Has anybody else had a similar experience of rocky mountains on the bbt chart?? What should my coverline be and is AF on the way yet??

MmmMalbec Mon 04-Jul-16 13:38:53

Sorry looking at your chart you don't seem to have ovulated. There's no clear temp shift. I have no idea whether you'll ovulate late or this will be an annovulatory cycle though. Sorry I don't know anything about ovarian drilling or provera though. Hope you gets some answers soon xx

BusyBee831 Tue 05-Jul-16 19:04:09

Thank you, MmmMalbec, I kind of expected that by now really. I've got an appointment booked with Dr to find out why I have such a low level of progesterone and whether there are ways to improve it.. xx

danikagrace Tue 05-Jul-16 19:57:41

Have you got PCOS busy?

BusyBee831 Wed 06-Jul-16 09:11:02

Yes dani and nothing seems to be working to fix it, every time we try a new treatment I get hopeful but then nothing happens and that really really upsets me. 2.5 years of constant hoping is taking its toll on me and my DH :/

danikagrace Wed 06-Jul-16 10:59:02

So sorry to hear that Busy, I've got PCOS too. What treatments have you had?
I don't even bother temping bc it makes me crazy and I've never not had rocky mountains. I read though the TTC with PCOS thread on here over the last few days and found it very helpful with lots of great tips and advice, reassurance others feel the same, & a few lovely success stories that gave me more hope! If you haven't had a read of it I'd definitely recommend it. I also recently posted on the Provera thread and the ladies there are lovely and helpful too xx

BusyBee831 Wed 06-Jul-16 11:36:53

Oh thank you so much for your advice, lovely! I just read those as majority of the time I feel alone in this and it seems that nothing seems to be working on me: metformin, clomid, provera, ovarian drilling, reflexology, healthy diet, exercise, quitting stressful job, moving out of busy city centre to a leafy area, I've tried it all :/ xx

danikagrace Wed 06-Jul-16 12:19:32

You sound so determined Busy, keep at it! What's your BMI if you don't mind me asking? I've been taking a tincture with Agnus Castus and a few other things in for the last couple month and will stick with it bc it's def helped my hormonal crazies and energy levels but still no ovulation. This month I've started adding freshly ground flaxseed (that I pop in a coffee grinder) and maca powder to my protein shake (the sugar/additive free kind - I quit sugar in March) and took 10 days of tribulus which I've read can act kind of like clomid (like you I'm willing to try anything!) and yesterday I had ovary pain on one side and today some egg white cervical mucous which I've not seen in aaages so hopefully it's doing something!! Fingers crossed! I'm also making sure I'm eating a protein heavy rather than carb heavy diet and take calcium & vit D tablets in the morn (I don't have lactose or gluten as they make me bloated) as well as pregnacare plus at night time. I've just ordered inositol powder based on what I read on the PCOS thread and subsequently read up on online and plan on bunging that in my morning shake too. Also ordered some evening primrose oil (again from others tips on PCOS thread) to hopefully boost by ewcm, but like I said it's here today for the first time since I can remember so I'm feeling hopeful things are slowly improving!

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