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Ovulated twice in a month?

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OctoberFlowers Fri 27-May-16 15:08:34

We've only just begun TTC a few weeks ago.

I had my implant (2nd in 4 years, been in just over a year) removed on 28th April, was expecting period I n the 1st may as I have been having periods with implant. But this didn't happen and ovulation sticks showed me ovulating around the 6th May. We didn't dtd this time but did a few days later.
Given new ovulation date I expected my period around 20th may but that hasn't arrived. Ovulation sticks now seem to be spiking since yesterday?!?

I have no idea what's happening atm. This would be baby no 3 for us, 1 & 2 were conceievd within a month but I had clockwork periods with them.

PG tests have all been coming back neg too

AppleMagic Fri 27-May-16 15:13:11

I expect that your body didn't quite ovulate on 6th and is gearing up for another go now. I think it's quite usual for your cycle to be a bit disrupted after coming off hormonal contraception.

OctoberFlowers Fri 27-May-16 19:09:30

Thank you for your reply!

The ovulation stick on the 6th may was a very dark line over two days. Does the stick indicate actual ovulation or can you have a surge of the hormone without ovulating?

I know I'm over thinking this, we've been planning to try for a long time so it already feels like we've been waiting forever lol

physicskate Fri 27-May-16 22:16:00

Opks do not confirm that ovulation took place, only that there is a surge in lutenising (sp??) hormone that generally leads to ovulation (but sometimes you do not ovulate after a positive). OPKs in combination with BBT temping would confirm ovulation. There have been a few threads with women coming off hormonal contraception getting a few spikes because hormones go a bit haywire with all the change.

OPKs can tell you before it happens and BBT can tell you after it has happened.

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