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Really weird month. Anyone any ideas what's going on?

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frenchknitting Tue 24-May-16 22:10:45

I have a fairly regular 26/27 day cycle. I've had 23-32 day months in the past, but not for the last year, since I stopped breastfeeding. I always get my period 10 days after I (think I) ovulate.

I think I can clearly tell when I ovulate, as I get the following symptoms:
- spotting (sometimes a single spot of blood, sometimes a full day of it)
- spots on my chin
- I think about sex non-stop for three days blush
- itchy feet (had this at ovulation, and again prior to period ever since cholestasis in first pregnancy. Had liver checked, and its fine)

Every month, my boobs start hurting almost immediately after ovulation, and then I have endometriosis pain in my left side, that kicks in around 5 days prior to my period.

It is all very predictable.

Except this month, the month when I start to TTC. What happened is:

CD13: I had all my usual ovulation signs. This is 3 days earlier than I would expect, which is annoying as:
CD15: I get my copper coil removed, in order to TTC. Figure no chance this month.
CD16 -19: I'm ill with a tummy bug. Maybe relevant?
CD20: I realise that I don't have any pain at all, boobs or endo pain. Which is really odd.
CD21: I have some unusual abdominal pains, nothing like usual endo pain. Some random nausea.
CD23 (10DPO?): I expect my period, but it doesn't appear. Negative pregnancy test. Some mild boob pain and itching starts, but milder than usual and more intermittent.
CD25 (12DPO?): My endo left side pain is there, but milder and more intermittent than usual, along with continued odd mild pains on other side too. Itching has started. Negative test.
CD28: Notice in increase in CM, after a while with not much.
CD29 (16DPO?): Negative pregnancy test. Still itching, this has lasted much longer than usual. My boobs are mega painful now, much worse than usual. And they look odd and vein-y. Still getting some abdominal pain, but still nowhere near as bad as usual endo pain.

I feel pregnant, but I am also aware that it's very unlikely, and I'm probably just fantasising.

Anyone any ideas what's going on? With the coil ectopic risk, and the left side pain, I have a vague worry about that - but pain in the side is very normal for me, it typically is quite intensely sore for about 50% of the time. And wouldn't that show up on a pregnancy test? Is it even possible to get pregnant if I ovulated prior to the coil removal?

Willberry Wed 25-May-16 21:32:42

I know it is possible to get pregnant with a coil in as a friend of mine did, sh was told that removing it whilst pregnant could cause miscarriage as could leaving it in. However 2 days po the egg would still be in the fallopien tube so suppose its possible.

As an aside glad to find someone else who gets similar pain to me, had it investigated years ago as was worried there was a problem and was tol all was fine in fact Dr told me there was no structure in the painful area that could cause the pain! Its very specific can put my finger on it, stopped whilst on the pill and returned since stopping pill, was considering asking Dr about it again.

Junosmum Thu 26-May-16 08:34:34

Am I right in reading this is your first cycle off the coil? And that actually you had the coil removed midway through the cycle?

I know that the copper coil isn't hormonal but I suspect it's having your foof messed around with.

Very occasionally an ectopic pregnancy will not show positive on a pregnancy test.

frenchknitting Thu 26-May-16 11:20:31

Thank you for the replies! I realised after I'd written my OP that it was massively long. So appreciate people actually reading it.

Yes, I had my coil out two days before I (think I) ovulated. Still no AF, so at my longest ever cycle, and not getting much abdominal pain any more, though still got sore boobs.

I think i'll give it another week and then see a doctor, due to the very remote worry of eptopic. I might test again tomorrow.

Willberry, that's rubbish that your doctor dismissed your pain. I didn't think i could have endometriosis, as i get pain for a week before and then a week after my period. During my period, it's just normal mild cramps. But according to the gyno, apparently so. Def worth hassling them about it - it took me a few tries to get referred.

Unfairestofthemall Thu 26-May-16 23:29:16

If you had sex within the 7 days leading up to having your copper coil removed you can get pregnant straight away! My DD is 14 weeks old now smile
If you feel pregnant it may be worth POAS because it can happen. Good luck smile

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