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Going crazy!

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janenoble Wed 04-May-16 08:54:20

Flue like symptom which lasted only a day.
Dizziness and disorientation.
lower stomach cramps including a weird twinge like something tugging from the outside in.
Nausea and change in eating pattern. (desire for vegetables! Especially greens)
Bright blue veins at the surface of my breasts including little purple spider ones all over.
Larger aerola's? maybe.
Sensitive nipples but I've only had that twice, only early hours of the morning also.
Bleeding mostly old blood some red, some small sesame seed size dark clots, and white clear mucus mixed in(lasted four days but i think that's because i stopped taking my contraceptive pill once i thought i might be pregnant!)
HORMONAL lol, i've fallen out with everyone who has told me i'm not pregnant, including the boyfriend. Don't worry, i forgive them REALLY fast.
Somehow, there is something inside of me that is saying yes you are and just isn't letting go.
It's now 2 weeks since he went back home (he's bulgarian) and i've taken two clear blue digital tests which have come back not pregnant, the second one being this morning.
But i'm feeling so sick at the moment i don't know whether i'm actually going to throw up or not, but i've gone so crazy at this point that i've even decided to talk to any potential "fetus" in my womb, and told him or her to start behaving lol and give me some HCG readings.
I have first response pregnancy tests coming tomorrow to find out.
:[ does anyone else feel as crazy as i am right now?

minniewinnie Wed 04-May-16 09:10:18

In a word, yes I feel just as crazy - but with less systole, lol (cd36, no af). What day are you on your cycle? Is af late yet?

minniewinnie Wed 04-May-16 09:10:57


janenoble Wed 04-May-16 09:32:45

Thats where things get complicated for me! I was on the contraceptive pill for 11 years up until this past 3 months. Where due to circumstances i wasn't able to get my pill, and even when i did then have my pill i had this moment where i decided i wasn't going to continue taking it, then i decided i did want to. -rolls eyes- hard work lol.
My periods were irregular before i started the pill, which is mostly the reason i went on the pill, and i started the pill when i was 13-14 so, i really couldn't tell when my natural periods would be, if i weren't on the pill.
On the pill (if i'd continued to take it as normal) my period would be on May 11th, but i stopped taking it early because i thought i was pregnant and thought i might risk the baby by continuing with my pack.
Which is where the bleeding comes in i believe.

minniewinnie Wed 04-May-16 09:47:07

So when was the last day of what you would consider a proper period? I assume your cycle will have been 28 days in line with your pill( sorry it's been a long time since I took any) - but during this time you will should not be ovulating (the pill makes your body think it's pregnant to stop ovulation).

What was the last day you took a pill? And when did you last time you had unprotected sex? Were there any gaps in the pill which coincided with unprotected sex?

You basically need to be testing from roughly 14 days after ovulation - you may not be that far along yet?

janenoble Wed 04-May-16 10:03:31

Thank heavens i finally have someone trying to work this out with me LOL im a mess trying to figure it out.
Right, before i started taking the pill again, i'd been off it for a whole month. I then started taking it, just before my period (3 days i assume) because i realized i'd be on my period when my boyfriend come for his usual visit. (and me being me thought id be covered, but i see my error in that now.)
Nevertheless, somewhere along the line i thought i would start my period on the 14th. I had unprotected sex. twice daily, (tmi sorry) up until the 19th when he went home.
Is it possible it's a phantom pregnancy? or i'm not to far along, i can't seem to work it out at all.

janenoble Wed 04-May-16 10:11:02

My bleeding period is usually only 4 days long. I have three days of nothing up until that point but i don't take my pill in these days in order to make up the 7 day break.

The thing is though, i wrote in my diary the day i stopped taking the pill. which was 28th of april. I had four pills left at this point, then i would have had the 7 day break. So my period, would have been on 9th of may this time. which means my last period would have been 11th of april. but i didn't come on my period, on the 11th of april lol, and i haven't had sex with anyone other than him.

janenoble Wed 04-May-16 10:12:33

That could have also been why i started taking the pill 3 days before he came -.- to stop the bleeding. which would have been the 11th

janenoble Wed 04-May-16 10:23:58

I just worked it out now, If i had come on 11th of April last month, my period would be due 9th of may. Which means, i would have ovulated on the 25th of April, 6 days after he went home. the 27th i started noticing symptoms, and if i did (somehow) manage to take i would only be 9 days passed ovulation. I've taken two pregnancy tests in this time lmao i feel like a fool.

minniewinnie Wed 04-May-16 11:11:25

Right, the answers are kind of garbled. But what I'm getting is this (reverse chronological order):
1) 9th may period due
2) 28th April stopped pill
3) 25th April ovulation(?)
4) 19th April bf home to Bulgaria
5) 11th April period due, but taking pill to stop period
6) 8th April start pill again in anticipation of bf visit
7) 8th? March stopped pill

Between 8th March - 8th April did you have sex? What day did your bf arrive from Bulgaria?

From this info, we can tell that you should have been covered by the pill when your bf was here and you were taking the pill to cover your period (hence nothing on 11th April). When your bf went home on 19th April and you stopped the pill on 28th. It doesn't look likely that you would have ovulated during a window when you were with your bf. All these symptoms could be hormonal from stop/starting the pill?? If if you are pregnant you still have at least 2-3 days until an early response test would give a result.

Hang in there and take a test over the weekend. Good luck smile

janenoble Wed 04-May-16 13:19:00

aslkdfjasdf I just found my other diary haha! With more information on my period dates.
So this is why i am so confused lol.
It's a lot of details, a lot of dates, no genuine idea of what's going on.

So it works out like this.

11th April I started taking the Pill again.
14-15th April my period was due.
14-19th April unprotected sex.
19th April bf went home to Bulgaria.
26th April - 1st of May Ovulation could have taken place.
28th of April stopped taking the pill.
O.O Friday the 13th of May My next period is due.

Additional info.

taken from live strong-
(Regardless of when your last period was or even if you're currently having your period, you can begin taking birth control pills the day you receive them. You'll continue taking the medication as prescribed at the same time each day. Unless you start the pills on the first day of your period, you'll need to use a backup form of birth control -- such as condoms or abstinence -- for 7 days after you start your pill pack to prevent pregnancy. This is because the pills are not entirely effective during the first week of use unless you start taking them on the first day of your period.)

minniewinnie Wed 04-May-16 13:33:16

Yes, the pill is unrealisable if not used correctly. Fingers crossed for your bfp over the weekend x

Newmumma85 Wed 04-May-16 13:36:56

I would say it's pretty unlikely you are pregnant unless you ovulated earlier than you think. I suppose it's always possible if you have unprotected sex though.

Hope you get an answer soon!

minniewinnie Wed 04-May-16 13:42:03


Bloody autocorrect!!

janenoble Wed 04-May-16 13:43:29

Thankyou ladies. I'm hoping for a positive. I'm not sure i'm that lucky! Even though it was a genuine accident (and i should have known better) I've grown excited at the thought of baring his child. I do however, think i'm sadly not going to get the big P. I'm thinking the pill might have kicked in in time, or that it wasn't possible for his sperm to last long enough to reach my ovulation.

Regardless, my body is doing some seriously funky stuff lol.
I would imagine because i took the pill before my period was due, that it would be ineffective for seven days thereafter, but the gap might just be to great. :]

BoBo90 Wed 04-May-16 13:47:04

I also think it's highly unlikely. If you last had sex on the 19th and think you ov'd on 26th at the earliest then the sperm would have to live inside for 7 days! They are generally only thought to live 3-5days.
I would guess your body is just. Confused from stop/starting the pill.
Do you and your bf want a baby?

BoBo90 Wed 04-May-16 13:49:13

Crossed post! 😫

janenoble Wed 04-May-16 13:51:23

Yes we would love one. I've read that under the correct circumstances sperm can live up to seven days and even longer once passed the cervix. Not sure though! I think i might well have to wait until next time he comes to the uk :]

janenoble Wed 04-May-16 21:10:43

Another update for you ladies! This evening my breasts have decided to be agony! Pain is incredible. They feel swollen all along the tops and sides, and it's worse in my left than my right. There's definitely something funny going on with my body!

BoBo90 Wed 04-May-16 22:36:10

Would this be your first?
I know you are excited but you need to try and think rationally otherwise you will find it hard if you keep getting negatives. You have three threads on the go. In one you said you found a lump in your breast. If it's also painful you need to see a gp.
You have to bear in mind that sore boobs are a sign of many things including a due period. All of your symptoms can also be pill related so keep testing but try to imagine its just as likely to be negative as it is to be positive so you dont get your hopes up too much X

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