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13DPO pregnancy symptoms but still having BFN - advice please!!

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Esmc23 Tue 26-Apr-16 14:00:15

Hi - I'm new to mumsnet and new to pregnancy symptoms, so looking for some advice please!

I have always suffered from irregular periods, but over the past four years (the time that we have been TTC) they have progressively got worse. I was diagnosed with PCOS at the beginning of this year, and told by my consultant that I would probably not be able to conceive naturally, but that due to my age (38) I did not qualify for fertility treatment.

Since then I have been trying everything! This last cycle I have been taking Agnus Castus as well as She Oak - clutching at straws a bit, but will give anything a try to regulate my periods! I also use the Ovia app to track my symptoms. If I go by the app I should now be at 13DPO (give or take a day either side) and AF is due to arrive tomorrow. However, since 2DPO I have been experiencing terrible nausea, stomachache, gas, heartburn, you name it, I've had it (apart from sore BBs which I do usually get before AF but nothing at the moment)! The nausea has been terrible! It is constant from morning to night. I have also had cramping on and off since 2DPO - sometimes its really bad and I think AF is about to show, then it's like a dull aching, and other times it's a quick sharp pain.

On 8 and 9DPOs I had very bad cramps followed by light brown CM which I took as a good sign of maybe IB. Since then I have also had an increase of creamy CM and on Sunday evening felt a gush which I assumed was AF but was just a lot of creamy CM!!

I have now taken two HPT - one at 10DPO and one this morning, and both are negative sad I feel like I'm going mad! I feel so sure that I am having all the right signs and symptoms, but not the results on the tests!

I would love to hear from anybody that is in a similar situation, or if they've experienced this and had positive or negative outcomes. I try to talk to my OH about it but he's much more laid back than me, and I just find it so much harder when we keep getting BFNs when I'm the one with all the symptoms!

Metalhead Tue 26-Apr-16 14:23:37

I'm sorry to say but early symptoms don't mean anything in my experience! It could be the supplements you've been taking causing them, or they could just psychosomatic. On the other hand, it could just be too early to test. All I'm saying is don't get your hopes up too much, especially if these symptoms started at 2dpo, which is far too early for pregnancy symptoms in the vast majority of cases. Good luck!

Esmc23 Tue 26-Apr-16 14:54:24

Thanks Metalhead - I do try and keep a level-head about TTC but this time just feels so different! We've been trying for 4 years so I'm usually pretty good at distinguishing PMS symptoms, and have rarely tested during that time because I know when it hasn't worked.

It's just the extreme nausea, cramping and spotting that has been so different this time and has left me very confused!

I'll try to remain calm and see what happens in the next couple of days!

broodypsycho Tue 26-Apr-16 23:21:35

I've never been a symptom spotter nor an early tester, both make the whole ttc malarkey a whole lot more stressful, emotional and disappointing. I've been feeling sick every month on and off since I came off my contraception a year ago. Try not to symptom spot and just wait until you are late by a few days and test. Good luck

Esmc23 Wed 27-Apr-16 14:44:02

Thank you! Trying to be good today and not symptom spot (although there are no symptoms to spot at the moment apart from this horrible nausea!!) AF is due today but no sign of her so far, so will leave it a couple more days and see what happens!

I have never been on any contraception so the nausea is out of the ordinary for me. I might occasionally get a bit of a sicky feeling/stomach issues the day before AF arrives, but never from so early in my cycle! It pretty much started as soon as I ovulated! I'll test again in a few days if AF hasn't started by then!

chloechloe Wed 27-Apr-16 21:18:22

Hi there! Sorry to say it but there is no way you could have pregnancy symptoms at 2dpo - the egg would not have implanted by then, so there would be no hcg hormone released yet and so no symptoms.

I have PCOS myself. You don't say if you Dr has advised you to take these supplements, but if not I would be careful about self medicating. Agnus castus can sometimes make your cycles longer rather than regulating them.

What I would recommend though is acupuncture and TCM with a practitioner specialising in fertility. I had it myself and am convinced it really helped regulate my cycles.

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