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Is it all in my head? Is it even a possibility I'm pregnant?

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ppandj Sun 03-Apr-16 20:11:11

I have 11mo DS who is still bfing about 2/3 times per day and usually 1/2 in the night. Have not been using contraception as we are keen to have more DCs so just thought we'd see what happened. However I am yet to have a period so no idea whether I am ovulating. When DS was conceived I had only been off the pill for 6 weeks and I just knew I was pregnant instinctively. About a month ago I had some discharge that I thought looked like the mucus you get around ovulation and we DTD a few times around then.
I have done a pregnancy test and got bfn but have had a couple of symptoms that I had last time such as being very, very weepy and emotional, feeling a bit "full" and bloated, headaches and extreme tiredness. Also this is too much information but when DP went down on me he said I tasted totally different- it might be an old wives' tale but I heard pregnancy can change this?
Given that i had a BFN and have had no periods, this must all be in my head?

Jod1985 Sun 03-Apr-16 20:48:32

It could be that you are going to get your period?

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