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What would you do?

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arabellaella Wed 23-Mar-16 21:36:32

I have just received blood results from Dr Shehata. This is following on from 2 miscarriages, both around the 6 week mark (incase it makes a difference, I am 32 and have been pregnant twice, both of which ended in miscarriage). The results all came back normal, apart from one which showed a positive test for antinuclear antibodies (ANA). In terms of how high this result was, Dr Shehata said that it was moderate to high. He then gave me two treatment options.
The first is based on the fact that he couldn't see any other abnormalities, and therefore I should take his standard medication and vitamins and progesterone as of now, and to start TTC.
The second was aimed at the positive ANA test and involves taking steroids as well as the combination of vitamins, progesterone etc, up until 12 weeks. There are the usual side effects associated with steroids that may occur.
Both treatment plans would involve regular visits to his clinic for check ups etc This in itself is really positive as the clinic is extremely welcoming and understanding and Dr Shehata and his team are very positive and reassuring.
I would really appreciate ideas on what you would do. DP thinks that I should do the first treatment- as all of the additional vitamins are more than what I was taking last time, and might be enough; and that we can go down he second treatment route later if needed. I feel more inclined to the second at the moment as if the first treatment plan fails, I think I'll be extremely frustrated that didn't just try it straight away.
Given these 2 options, what would you do?
Thank you for reading! Any thoughts will be gratefully received

Loki17 Wed 23-Mar-16 21:47:44

I'd go for the second option. Simply because, if option 1 doesn't work then I
Option 2 is the next step. Id want to jump the gun and go straight for what is more likely to work. Sorry for your losses shamrock good luck

AmyB1986 Thu 24-Mar-16 21:01:47

I agree I'd go with the second treatment option purely based on what I know of the ANA test having had the tests myself.

The ANA test is basically testing for blood cells that attack healthy tissue which in high levels can automatically terminate an early pregnancy. Did the dr give you any indication as to what the ANA results relate to? There are 3 things that are most likely, that would be lupus sle which causes early mc, lupus anticoagulant and Hughes syndrome (Hughes seems most likely and vitamins won't help that) The first two things need continuous treatment for your health not just in terms of pregnancy.

So sorry to hear of your losses thanks

arabellaella Fri 25-Mar-16 10:22:52

Thank you both for your replies. I still feel inclined towards the steroids- I'm not sure what ANA type it was- so I'll need to look into that. I'm guessing though, that the Hughes one is the most likely as extra medication for just day to day wasn't mentioned.
I really appreciate you giving me your thoughts smile

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