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18 days period late 3 negative tests!!

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Megan21xox Sat 19-Mar-16 20:07:42

I'm so confused and don't know if I'm alone on this or if other woman have experinced it, I'm 18 days late for my period another one due in 2 weeks I hope doesn't come and I don't feel it will, iv never missed or been late with a period before we are trying, iv took 3 tests all neg it's soul destroying !! Doc said wait another week but I'm so frustrated !! Can anyone help any info will be appreciated thanks !!! X

blankfornames Sun 20-Mar-16 10:23:29

Hi Megan,
Thatuse be very frustrating. Surely the Doc can do a blood test? It's unfair of him to leave you another week?

Have you used any opks to see if you've ovulate?

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