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TTC DC#3 after vasectomy we regret.

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DippyHippy2016 Mon 14-Mar-16 15:06:58

I'm new here waves and was hoping for some support. I don't want to get the hopes up of grandparents or face a barrage of questions from confused friends.

We are lucky to have two amazing boys (3 and 1) and though we're relatively young, my partner was sure he didn't want anymore, so I encouraged him to have the vasectomy he wanted.

It turns out that I really do long for a bigger family and with the finality of the vasectomy looming over us, my partner suggested trying to conceive over the next few months while he still has some swimmers in his tubes (sorry if that's TMI).

I'm unsure what we'll do if we're not successful but I feel better knowing that it's not all over yet.

I am due to take a pregnancy test at the end of the week and I don't know if I can wait that long. Maybe some of you lovely ladies could tell me about a friend of a friend who got pregnant after hubby had the snip, haha. I know the circumstance is unusual but any comments would be appreciated. Apart from telling me he shouldn't have had the procedure if we weren't 100% sure. We thought we were. Bloody typical.

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