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Pre- pregnancy supplements

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nataliefruit Thu 10-Mar-16 11:03:58

Has anyone found that a pre-pregnancy supplement has made them nauseous / sick? I've been taking centrum pre pregnancy supps from the beginning of March & have felt nauseous on some days after taking it but that's eased as I've started eating (as it says to take it with food) but this morning I took it, started eating my breakfast & ended up dashing to the bathroom to be sick half way through.

I know I'm definitely not pregnant and am 100% certain its the supplement as I felt fine after I brought it back up. I'm going to switch to another brand and see how I get on with that just curious to see if others have had this experience.

Norris88 Thu 10-Mar-16 20:38:48

I had exactly the same with pregnacare vitamins and although they say take with food I found it caused less nausea if I took it after I'd eaten my main evening meal. If I took it in the morning it made me feel so ill. After a month of taking it though I now don't get any issues x

Hufflepuffin Thu 10-Mar-16 20:53:15

Are they ones with oil in? I took the sanatogen ones that have the oils in a separate pill, I only took the oily tablet later in the day. The pregnacare ones made me feel sick.

Hidingthefear Fri 11-Mar-16 20:58:21

I didn't take pre preg supplements last time but the pregnacare I took whilst preg made my sickness worse than normal, although so did the iron I was prescribed.
I've heard a few people mention pregnacare making them feel nauseous, maybe try lookinget into what vits you want to take and buy individually from hollands and Barratt or boots or somewhere.

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