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Lj2821 Wed 09-Mar-16 10:03:43

Hi there,
I think I'm going to make myself comfy in here if you don't mind? We are TTC baby no 2 but with my cycles not knowing whether they are coming or going since coming off the pill again I'm now in another no af but bfn position.

I'm surrounded by pregnant mummy friends and newborns along with the same question from people over and over again "when are you thinking about number 2?" envy angry

Been off the pill for 6 months now and after having two almost identification cycles this one has gone to pot! Will be heading to the GP end of the month if AF hasn't arrived. I have a history of thyroid problems, have LS so use steroid cream daily and so I feel like the GP is probably the next step!!

Anyway that's empty situation in a nutshell! grin

So...... Hi!!

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