TTC on hold due to tests

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lucylou1234 Tue 08-Mar-16 09:34:06

Hi guys,

Been on these TTC threads for a couple months and this would have been our 4th cycle ttc but have had to put it on hold sad

Over past 2 months of TTC ive noticed when DTD its been a bit sore - not painful but more uncomfotable, so decided to go to nurse to get checked out. swabs for infection came back negative so advised to have a smear (6months early) but as the practice nurse is on holiday i decided to go to a wellwoman drop in clinic.

thought i would be in n out in 10, usual routine. Explained to nurse about my symptoms also having general pelvic pain at times and also had spotting on a couple days b4 period which has been happening for 6 months (she agreed this can be quite normal) Also explained that were TTC and am also aware that IM probably HYPER AWARE of everything which probably could be nothing as im sure most of you guys can relate to.

Anyway during exam she said my cervix looked inflamed and was bleeding and then asked if another nurse could also look at it for advice. Of course i said yes but in my head starting to panic a little. The 2nd nurse agreed and did extra swabs again (4) and a microscopy as well as smear. Iasked the nurse if it ok to carry on with plans and she advised to wait till results are in.

so of course now im panicing, googling symtoms self diagnosing the works. Im so worried as previsously ive had abnormal smears and had to go for a colposcopy and has a laparoscopy which thankfully both confirmed everything ok at the time.

sorry for such the long thread but really starting to stress myself out. why is it after taking so long to decide to ttc, making sure everything was right and now i feel like its not going to happen sad

lucylou1234 Wed 09-Mar-16 10:14:03

anyone had any problems withtheir cervix when ttc?

puzzledleopard Wed 09-Mar-16 12:08:46

I didn't when trying to conceive but I have had simular to what you describe

Though I wasn't interested in DTD (Zero sex drive),I was uncomfortable, the odd time I had spotting which ofc put me off further and spotting before my period.

I had cervical erosion, my cervix was all inflamed like yours and bleeding. I went back to have it treated or the bigger outcome to have it lasered if the treatment didn't work and when I went it was all gone! It was caused by hormones in the implant which I had taken out just after my initial appointment as my 3 years was up so gave it the chance to heal. I have had it the odd time since and it's gone on it's own again.

Mine wasn't a small patch but a huge patch it's more common if you have had a baby because it brushes the cells away and the new cells that grow can be the wrong type just where they meet they end up overlapping. Its not unknown if you haven't already had a baby common in younger women can be caused by Hormones, the pill, implant, by tampons, barrier contraceptives.

Cervical erosion -The cells that cover the surface inside of the womb are different from the cells that cover the cervix (the neck of the womb).

It is simply that the margin where the change takes place has shifted slightly and the lining becomes a bit raw as a result.

One easy way to think about it, is to think about your mouth. The surface of your lip is different from the surface of the gum inside your lip. At a certain point the two surfaces meet and change.

Imagine what would happen if this margin moved. You'd have some lining from the gum facing the outside world, exposed to the air. It's likely this would lead to a raw patch. This is the kind of thing that is happening in an erosion.

Wish you luck with TTC, I think you need to stay calm (easy to say I know) and not to think that this bump in the road might mean it will never happen. Stress is a huge factor TTC. Lots of women fall pregnant once they stop forcing themselves TTC and go with the flow because they are much more relaxed and it's the stress of it all that can actually prevent you from getting pregnant.

lucylou1234 Wed 09-Mar-16 19:17:40

Aw thanks puzzleopard? Its so hard not to think of worst case scenario, I've had some midwifery training (left at end yr 2) So i know there are plenty other things it could be but cant help but stress. Also feel that now i feel ready to have a baby feel so mad that this has come along and put a spanner in the works sad

lucylou1234 Tue 22-Mar-16 11:44:50

Got some of my test results this week - all clear. as strange as it sounds as it would be easier if it was an infection - anti biotics easy fix and back on the ttc plan.

now i still have to wait for smear test results which are another 4 weeks away which (fingers crossed) gives all clear. however not as hopeful as iv had abnormal cells b4 so feeling worried sad

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