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Positive opk while still bleeding from chemical?

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10storeylovesong Thu 03-Mar-16 06:04:32


Just wondering if this is normal? We've been ttc for 25 months and the last two months I've had 2 consecutive chemical pregnancys. This month I tested 3 days late after fainting, got a positive on the Monday and started bleeding and cramps on the Tuesday. I'm still bleeding heavily and having really bad cramps and was considering visiting the gp as they've been so bad (currently cd 9).

This morning I started my Clearblue digital opks as I usually do around this time in cycle (always get a smiley face on cd14 like clockwork). I was surprised to see a smiley face this morning (and disappointed as no way dh coming near me while I feel like this!). Is this normal? Are my cycles just messed up because of the chemicals? Has anyone else any experience of this?

AmyB1986 Thu 03-Mar-16 23:08:42

Hi- I had a chemical a few years back. Opk's seem to be extremely sensitive when it comes to hcg, picking up the tiniest amounts left over from the pregnancy. The same happened to me when I had an mc in January this year as well.
Positive for weeks but not ovulation.

I'd ignore the opk's personally, they aren't reliable while you're carrying tiny amounts of hcg.

Sorry for your loss hun thanks

10storeylovesong Sun 06-Mar-16 22:03:57

Sorry, I've only just seen your reply. Thanks for replying! I ended up back in Drs after bleeding for 11 days - she's diagnosed abnormal uterine bleeding due to hormones being so all over the place and given me meds to stop it. Looks like we'll have to take a few months off ttc.

Thanks for your reply x

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