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Ovulation when DH away..

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minniewinnie Wed 17-Feb-16 08:23:02

Hi I have had a lovely smiley face on my clearblue opk this morning (yay!). This was our first after a recent miscarriage (so I didn't know when to expect ovulation). My DH and I dtd Sunday morning and he has just left (before I did the opk) for a short trip away, he'll be back Thursday afternoon.

I know that sperm from Sunday could still be viable and ideally we would have dtd today too, but do you think that the egg will last until he gets back (to increase my chances this month)?

I suppose this happens to peeps all the time, but I could do with some reassurance that it is possible and others do get there bfp even when sex has been a few days before ovulation!

Hamsolo Wed 17-Feb-16 08:26:57

So, he's back tomorrow? Yes, in that case.

The sticks detect a hormone surge that happens before ovulation so I think you get the smiley face just before ovulation, so would expect you to ovulate tomorrow or the day after, depending on if you have a smiley tomorrow too. I think that's right. This is from memory rather than reading the packet!

ProbablyMe Wed 17-Feb-16 08:46:24

Should be ok - you usually ovulate between 12 and 36 hours after a positive so you should just creep in!!

minniewinnie Wed 17-Feb-16 09:06:15

Great, thanks for the info. It's good to know that today isn't my only chance, lol (defo no smiley yesterday)

andadietcoke Wed 17-Feb-16 09:09:36

I conceived the DTs the day after a CB smiley - I'd been away with work so know exactly when it was. This was also just after a MC, although I had one cycle in between.

FourForYouGlenCoco Wed 17-Feb-16 09:16:28

I had a positive OPK Thursday early afternoon, hadn't DTD since the weekend, didn't DTD again til v v late Friday evening. Conceived that cycle. You're definitely not out! That one ended in MC for me but that's neither here nor there, the same thing happened again a few months later and I'm now nearly 17 weeks grin good luck!

ProbablyMe Wed 17-Feb-16 10:29:31

I conceived the day after my smiley face. My DP is in the forces and works away much of the week so conceiving was a logistical nightmare!!

minniewinnie Thu 18-Feb-16 13:40:28

Hmmm, DH has just informed me he's away until Friday (not Thursday)! Oh well, fingers crossed I don't ovulate until today confused

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