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4 weeks late for period with one faint positive test and over 5 negatives

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Mummyof1livvy Sun 17-Jan-16 07:22:03

Hiya! Just afer a bit of help please! I have a doctors appointment booked for tomorrow but i just can't stop thinking about it. Anyway, iv'e been on a low eustragen contraception pill.. two months ago i ran out and missed a month (while still having lots of sex with my fiance) i then got more pills and started taking them again when my first day of my period came. I was bleeding for just short of two weeks which is very unusual for me then i came off the pill for my week break and never bled so i didnt restart the pill again being scared i was pregnant, im now 4 weeks late with sore boobs, a few slight cramps here and there and pmt days. I just cant get a positive test, could it be because of the pill hormones over riding? I almost feel its impossible that im not pregnant. When i fell with my 2 year old i only did one test that was straight away positive! X

RvG2014 Sun 17-Jan-16 08:42:12

It sounds more like youve just thrown your body completely out of whack... The firdt period you described as being 2 weeks long was probably your body trying to regulate itself. Youve then taken another months worth of pills and stopped again. Your body must be hella confused.
If having a baby is what you would like, carry on.. Stop taking anymore pills and continue to have sex whilst allowing your body to sort itself out. If you dont want babies, i suggest a trip to your GP nurse or sexual health clinic to provide you with more of the pill or something longer lasting...?

FuzzyOwl Sun 17-Jan-16 08:44:47

Generally if you are pregnant enough to have symptoms, then you have enough hcg hormones to show up on a test.

I agree that coming off the pill will have just thrown your body out of wack and some women don't ovulate every cycle, especially when coming off the pill.

Mummyof1livvy Sun 17-Jan-16 09:29:27

This is very true and half the reason im confused but as you can understand i didnt want to carry on taking the pill incase i was pregnant, i wouldnt want to cause any harm.. ive got 6 months worth of the pill in my cupboard so its not that i need to get more. Im fully ready to have another child but am getting married in july so weve not planned to have another till after our wedding. I guess ill just wait it out till my next bleed.

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